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James Corden and Reggie Watts are shocked to find twisted doppelgangers of themselves wandering the halls of "The Late Late Show."

Jordan Peele's "Us" dominated the box office in its debut weekend, and now those creepy doppelgangers are coming for James Corden's "Late Late Show."

Corden and his sidekick Reggie Watts found themselves immersed in a horror parody so subtle and brilliant, Watts' doppelganger totally had "Horror Parody" on his red t-shirt.

Not to worry, though, as Reggie had "Real Life" on his black one to help everyone tell the difference between them. Oh and also his doppelganger totally has a messed up face aka a bag over it with holes cut out for the eyes and mouth. You know, normal stuff.

The parody follows the basic premise of Peele's film, with James and Reggie discovering harrowing people who look just. Like. Them.

""It's us," Reggie said upon seeing the pair at James' desk on the set.

"You mean 'we'," James countered.

"Well, 'we' isn't proper grammar."

"I know," James said. "It's a copyright issue. Just go with it."

There were plenty of nods to the film, including Reggie trying to mimic the arms down running sequence that Peele's doppelgangers had mastered. It turns out that move is much harder than we or us realized.

"Us" is Peele's critically-acclaimed followup to his modern horror masterpiece "Get Out." It opened number one at the box office with $71.1 million in its first weekend, marking the second-best live-action original opening of all time behind "Avatar."

The film currently holds a whopping 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes with nearly 350 reviews counted, which is almost unprecedented acclaim for a horror movie.

Peele has already suggested that his film's ending leaves room for a possible sequel, so think of this as an audition reel. Just imagine, James Corden and Reggie Watts starring in "The Late Late Show with We." Horrifying!

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