Wendy Williams Reportedly Rushed to Hospital, Found Drunk After Checking Out of Sober Living House
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The talk show host's relapse purportedly comes after her husband's alleged mistress gave birth to a child widely speculated to be his.

Just a week out from revealing to her fans she was staying in a sober living house, Wendy Williams was reportedly hospitalized after she checked out Monday and was subsequently found drunk.

According to the Daily Mail, Williams checked herself out of the sober living home Monday afternoon following her show's taping and began drinking.

"She was in a bad way and disappeared from the studio after her show Monday," a studio source told the outlet. "She went back to the sober house only to check herself out and decided to start drinking."

After her team purportedly found her, Williams was reportedly treated via IV at the hospital with what's known as a banana bag, a common treatment for people suffering from alcoholism. Representatives for Williams have not responded to requests for comment.

Williams' alleged relapse was the result of the purported birth of her husband Kevin Hunter's child with a younger mistress, Sharina Hudson. E! News reported that Hudson did leave the hospital on Sunday after having given birth, but could not confirm that Hunter is the baby's father.

According to TMZ, Hunter has been on set with Williams this week and the two "are interacting and there's no overt sign of hostility." Hunter is Williams' manager and an executive producer on her show.

Hunter and Williams formally denied that he was even having an affair back in January when a blogger reported the rumors that he was seeing his massage therapist. Page Six reports the couple sent a cease and desist letter to the blogger Love B Scott stating, "Mrs. Wendy Williams-Hunter and Mr. Kevin Hunter categorically deny each and every allegation made by your 'sources.'"

Love B Scott continues to report on the couple, and was in fact the first site to report that Hudson had given birth to a baby girl.

Photos of Williams on Monday morning showed her without her wedding ring when she left her sober living house, as reported by AOL, but she did have it on during taping.

After reportedly being treated at the hospital Monday night, Williams was back at the studio Tuesday morning, again with her ring. There was no indication that anything amiss had happened, nor any mention of the purported incident on the show.

Williams first came clean about her living situation during a taping last week, telling her viewers, "For some time now, and even today and beyond, I have been living in a sober house. You know I've had a struggle with cocaine in my past. I never went to a place to get the treatment.

"I don't know how except God was sitting on my shoulder and I just stopped," she continued. "But there are people in your family, it might be you, who have been struggling and I want to know more of the story." According to Williams, only her son and husband knew about her living situation.

Earlier this month, when Williams returned to the air after a lengthy health-related hiatus, she addressed her marital status. "I'm still wearing my ring," she told her audience on March 4th. "Believe me you, when you've been with somebody for 28 years, married for 25 years -- we know each other. He's my best friend, he's my lover.

"I'm still very much in love with my husband, and anyone who's been married, you know, marriages have ebbs and flows. Marriage isn't easy. And don't ask me about mine until you see this gone," she said, pointing to her ring. "And it ain't going anywhere, not in this lifetime."

While there is evidence Williams does not always wear her wedding ring, she has continued to wear it on her show, indicating she is not ready to talk about what is going on in her life just yet. But considering that she always seems to open up with her truth eventually, it might just be a matter of time as she figures out what's next.

In the meantime, "The Wendy Williams" show continues to air every weekday.

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