Alec Baldwin Shares Pete Davidson's Advice He Follows Every Day, Gives His Side of Parking Dispute
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The frequent "Saturday Night Live" contributor explains what he got so angry about, and it had nothing to do with a parking spot.

Alec Baldwin has Pete Davidson to thank for his improving health and fitness and gaining some perspective on his own anger.

The frequent "Saturday Night Live" contributor dropped by Howard Stern's radio show on Wednesday where he opened up about his highly public struggles with anger management, including his most recent outburst over a parking dispute.

According to Baldwin, his issue with the other drive last November wasn't so much about the man poaching the parking spot in front of Baldwin's house he was angling for -- though he totally did. His ire was raised more out of concern.

"My problem was that when he aggressively takes this parking space from me, which that’s not the end of the world, I thought he was going to get close to hitting my wife and my son," Baldwin explained.

Baldwin went on to describe the man's driving as "impolite, bordering on dangerous." The man accused Baldwin of punching him, but the actor only admitted to shoving him when the case went to court.

"The thing is that there's cameras everywhere," Baldwin told Stern. "So I guess to be glib about it, unfortunately for him, there were cameras everywhere that showed that nobody punched anybody."

As a result he only plead guilty to harassment, as reported by NBC News, with Baldwin sentenced to anger management.

"When you go to anger management, you realize you’re not that angry," Baldwin said, sharing a story of a man getting enraged over getting chopsticks instead of a fork with his carryout order.

Elsewhere, Baldwin and Stern got onto the topic of fitness and staying in shape as you get older. Stern, at 65 years old, admitted that he's gotten soft even though he still exercises, while Baldwin went on about how rock solid and firm Lorne Michaels is at 74.

But for Baldwin, who turns 61 next month, he found the best fitness advice he's gotten came from "SNL" cast-member and veritable youngster, 25-year-old Pete Davidson.

"Pete Davidson said do 100 push-ups a day and I do it now," Baldwin said. "I do more, I do like 125, 150, build up."

Stern absolutely backed that advice, saying that George Takei is in incredible shape at 81 and that's basically his whole workout routine these days.

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