Bristol Palin Appears to Confirm 'Teen Mom' Exit, Spills on Stalkers and Botox
'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

Looks like the reality star may be stepping away from reality TV after her volatile first season on "Teen Mom OG."

When it comes to "Teen Mom OG," Bristol Palin's time on the show may be one and done.

It's no secret the daughter of Sarah Palin wasn't pleased with how she came across on the show, as she previously vented her frustrations all over social media late last year. Now, however, she seems to have confirmed she won't be back.

Palin, who's now working as a realtor in Austin, Texas, turned to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday night to answer a few questions from her followers.

Among the inquiries: "Will you stick with MTV after the way producers portrayed you?" Palin answered the question in Boomerang form, as she shook her head no. A followup Q asked if she loved being on reality TV "as a career," which she answered by saying, "100% not my career."

MTV didn't immediately respond to TooFab's request for comment, though the network usually keeps casting intel close to the vest season to season.

During the quick Q&A, the 28-year-old admitted to using Botox to smooth out her face. "Hellllll ya," she responded when one fan asked whether she ever tried it out. "Anyone who says they don't.. ask them to move their eyebrows."

She also opened up about her stalker saga, which was chronicled during this past season of "Teen Mom OG."

"It's been going on for so many years," she said. "TBH I was kinda just complaining and vnting about it al. In a weird way - it felt like it took a weight off my shoulders addressing it publically [sic] though. And hearing that I wasn't alone with others facing similar circumstances, reaffirmed that life could always be much worse and I'm thankful light was shed on the whole situation."

After 100 days on the run, Palin's stalker -- Shawn Christy -- was arrested in September 2018.

In one of Bristol's final responses, she also revealed some of the "rudest" things people have said to her in public, saying some haters didn't realize they were trashing her to her face.

"There has been tooooo many to list," she said. "All keyboard warriors, or not smart enough to put it together; 'Wow you look like Sarah Palin's daughter... but way skinnier/she's an idiot/she's a hoe/etc' mmmm thx."

While Bristol and ex-husband Dakota Meyer got into more than a few brutal fights last year on the show, they appear to be getting along much better now. Earlier this week, she shared a photo of them together after she sold his house.

Despite Dakota's demeanor in the photo, Bristol insisted "he's happy, I swear!!"