Josh Brolin's Gut-Ripping Response to That Ridiculously Gross Viral Ant-Man v Thanos Theory
'Avengers: Endgame' Character Posters Appear to Confirm Snap Survivors

"Avengers" fans began circulating memes in support of their theory that Ant-Man will defeat Thanos through rectal expansion.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been going crazy for months now trying to figure out how the surviving Avengers are going to beat Thanos in "Avengers: Endgame," and their most ridiculous theory just got the big man's attention himself, Josh Brolin.

The actor took to Instagram Thursday night with a fantastic response to the online theory -- that's spawned way too many disgusting memes -- that Ant-Man is going to take care of old Thanos in the most suppository manner you can imagine.

Why did people come up with the idea of a superhero shrinking down and attacking a supervillain through the rear entrance. Because this is the internet? What part of this is really surprising.

"The tension around what 'Endgame' is going to bring. I can feel it, as you can see. Can you?" Brolin captioned the video of him grunting and groaning. A quick pan out shows him sitting on a toilet. But the hashtags make it all clear.

"#thanosmarketingpush #flushanantman #50percenthernia"

He even tagged Marvel Studios in the post in hopes they, too, would share his number two best joke yet, as well as Gold's Gym. So far, neither company has taken him up on his offer.

While it's pretty unlikely that this will be the final solution, it's Marvel Studios' own fault that htis theory is gaining any traction at all, as it was the splicing of their trailer that put people's sick minds into ... well, his hindquarters.

All will be revealed when "Avengers: Engame" finally hits theaters and answers all of your burning questions on April 26. But until then, let the theorizing continue:

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