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The "Beach Bum" star hit the street as his Moondog character from the film to trick passersby into thinking they were experiencing cannabis-infused products.

The expression mind over matter is all about how powerful the human mind is and Matthew McConaughey set out to prove that by trying to convince people they were getting baked off of common household products.

As part of his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to promote his upcoming stoner movie "The Beach Bum," McConaughey donned his character Moondog's look to hit the streets on Hollywood Blvd to see what the power of suggestion could do.

He also proved how willing people are to trust a hippy dude if he kind of looks and sounds like Matthew McConaughey

The actor did hide his natural accent and lilt pretty well, and was nearly unrecognizable under his long hair, but we still couldn't believe how willing random people were to eat pretty much anything he handed to them, even as he told them it was infused with a special kind of cannabis that would get them high in six seconds.

But as Jimmy Kimmel explained in setting up the bit, all of the products on his table were "was really a bunch of stuff we bought at the grocery store. There was no marijuana in them."

Nevertheless, the folks who stopped to talk to McConaughey all agreed they were feeling something, even when what he was doing got more and more ridiculous.

We could almost buy someone thinking ketchup and mustard might be infused on McConaughey's patented "pot dog," but one guy he sprayed with deodorant on his 'pits, ankles and crotch ... and then he blew bubbles in his face.

Yep, that guy was feeling it, too.

What's even more impressive is that nobody recognized the actor no matter how close they were to him. They were tingling and fully under his spell, but had no idea they were talking to an A-lister. But perhaps the best part was when his "Beach Bum" costar Snoop Dogg pulled up in a van and started shouting, "Hey Moondog!"

Everybody recognized him! Plus, it probably gave this Moondog character all kinds of credibility in the weed department. When it comes to experts on marijuana in pop culture, you've got Willie Nelson, Cheech & Chong and the Doggfather, himself.

It's also good news for anyone who wants to experience the joys of getting high without actually smoking marijuana or ingesting edibles. Turns out all you have to do is believe!

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