NeNe Leakes, Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey and Eva Marcille Take Their On-Screen Feud to Instagram
'Real Housewives' Before They Were Famous

Now that the reunion trailer has dropped, NeNe is lashing out at her co-stars and former friends, but they're clapping right back.

Accusations, name-calling and receipts are running rampant because the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" have taken their on-screen drama to Instagram.

Earlier this month, Kandi Burruss told TooFab why NeNe Leakes was seemingly on the outs with the rest of the cast. Following a particularly rough season for the OG (her husband's been battling cancer), NeNe unfollowed everyone (except for newcomer Shamari DeVoe) on Instagram.

"From what I can tell, she's upset because we had invited Kenya [Moore] to Cynthia [Bailey]'s party, and Cynthia didn't give her a heads up," Kandi told us. "She felt like that was an attack against her, which it wasn't." (The party in question will air this Sunday.)

Regarding the reunion, which was taped earlier this month, Kandi said, "People definitely got a lot off their chests, but that's what the reunion is for. The girls all stuck to their guns and spoke their minds, and it just so happened that a lot of people seemed to have an issue with the same person." Kandi confirmed that person was NeNe.

Now that the reunion trailer has dropped, NeNe is lashing out at her co-stars and former friends to set the record straight. Quoting Kandi's comments without mentioning her by name, NeNe said, "That's not even close to what happened."

"I don't want to call their name because I don't want to help them," NeNe said in a series of videos posted Thursday night. "I just want to let them continue to help me."

NeNe maintained she's "never cared" about Cynthia's friendship with Kenya, who left the series (on bad terms with NeNe) after Season 10. NeNe claims the two were on decent terms throughout Kenya's pregnancy but did cop to getting into a recent tiff with her on Instagram.

According to NeNe, her real issue with Cynthia is this: NeNe claims Cynthia approached her off camera and asked her to let Eva Marcille know that she had invited Yovanna to her "Bye, Wig" party. According to NeNe, Cynthia said she felt it was right to give Eva the heads up, considering Eva and Yovanna got into a spat earlier in the season. NeNe agreed and said she let Eva know in the presence of Cynthia and Marlo Hampton.

"So when Cynthia got ready to have her Seagram's party, yes, Kenya showed up. Yes, Kenya and I had started having words on social media. Now, I don't know where it came from, but we started words on social media," NeNe explained. "Cynthia told me I should let Eva know that Yovanna was coming, so I questioned Cynthia, 'Why don't you use your own advice? Use your own advice. Why didn't you tell me that Kenya was coming? Me and you are very good friends. So since you felt I should've let Eva know because Eva had this issue with Yovanna, you should've let me know that Kenya was coming [to your party] since she and I had an issue.'"

NeNe said her fallout with Cynthia has been over a "buildup of stuff" and urged viewers to tune into the finale. She also said Cynthia came into the reunion acting like a "victim" and that the other ladies ganged up against NeNe.

"Once again, they tried to secure the bag, honey," she said. "And they wanted to come for your girl, NeNe Leakes. I get it. I understand that I'm the one that they wanna come for. That's fine."

"Even Eva!" NeNe added. "If you watch the show, it's really hilarious to me because Eva was calling me her big sister. She said that I have been there for her and that she's known me for 10 years. Have you seen me do anything to Eva that you think was below the belt and deserved for her to carry on the way she did at the reunion? I was in total shock."

Last episode, Eva asked NeNe to make sure she wasn't mic'd when she agreed to drive back to Kandi's restaurant opening for Old Lady Gang II to address the rumors Marlo had been spreading about her finances. NeNe knowingly kept her mic on, which the preview for the reunion showed Eva addressing.

Eva responded to NeNe's video, "Your shady-ass antics at my wedding and at Marlo's house, then the OLG2 opening -- that's not below the belt? Good day and good evening with your whack-ass friend skills. You are WAY TOO OLD to act like this."

Cynthia also replied to the video, but instead of engaging NeNe, she simply used the shout-out to promote her new cocktail collaboration with Seagram's Gin. "Peach Bellini in stores April 1st," she wrote.

Now for the really complicated stuff: NeNe vs. Porsha.

In the reunion teaser, Porsha is adamant that she was in fear for her life at NeNe's "Bye, Wig" party, which turned out to be a complete disaster for both cast and crew. NeNe went off on Kandi and Porsha for trying to go into her closet without her permission, but she really lost it when a cameraman tried to follow them. NeNe even ripped the guy's shirt! During that episode, viewers could hear Porsha saying amid the chaos, "Take my mic off! I don't wanna be here no more! I'm scared!" But NeNe claims that wasn't an authentic moment because Porsha recorded that line "in the studio."

"NENE, YOU ARE A BALD-EDGES LIE. NOTHING WAS TAPED AND ADDED," Porsha fired off in a since-deleted comment. "I said that the exact moment you were assaulting people on camera! Just the same way Marlo yelled, 'She's pregnant!!!' Back to breastfeeding I go." Porsha gave birth one week ago today.

Porsha went on to post pages worth of nasty text messages she and NeNe exchanged immediately after. "This is what my so-called big sis sent me last night, six days after giving birth," Porsha captioned the since-deleted post. "NeNe is so miserable and ain't happy for nobody. It's not a contest. I'm just living my life and being blessed. #FatShamingANewMomShameOnYou."

In the texts, NeNe called Porsha a "lying-ass big, fat, hungry bitch." She reminded Porsha of all the times she had been there for her and mocked her upcoming baby special airing on Bravo. She ended the series of messages with, "Goodnight, big piggy with the busted shape."

Porsha clapped back. "I know you and them granddaddy long legs and box body not coming for my body!" The insults continued from there.

Not long after, NeNe posted a series of messages on her own Instagram, but she later deleted the post. They were the sweet texts she and Porsha exchanged the day the latter came home from the hospital with Baby Pilar. But as Porsha replied to NeNe, "It's too hard being friends with you. I'm done. Enjoy being exposed."

Kenya also got in on the shade-throwing, sharing a photo of a Kenya Moore Hair Care product called Moore Edges.

"When you have been snatched bald by getting read and gathered," she captioned the post. SHADE.

This drama is sure to continue, so stay tuned!

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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