Beyhive Swarms on Omari Hardwick For Kissing Beyonce Twice at the NAACP Awards
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"2nd kiss was unnecessary & uncomfortable. Don't do that again."

The Beyhive are buzzing over a viral clip from the NAACP awards.

Omari Hardwick is being stung by Beyonce fans after the actor kissed the singer twice at the 2019 NAACP Image Awards on Saturday right in front of her husband Jay-Z.

In the clip, which spread like wildfire over the weekend, Hardwick is seen giving Beyonce a kiss on the cheek, followed by a long embrace and another smooch. The Beyhive didn't take it lightly, as many thought Beyonce looked "uncomfortable" after the awkward exchange.

As a result, fans ripped Hardwick on social media and some even compared the encounter to experiences they've had with men.

"Damn, Beyoncé looked extremely uncomfortable," one fan wrote. "Omari Hardwick might have just got the new season of power cancelled messing around with the Beyhive."

"I dont presume to know how Beyonce feels but...ughhh that Omari Hardwick shit reminds me of encounters I've had with some men," another added. "Then you dont want to say anything because then people will look at you like you're overreacting, so you just suffer being uncomfortable."

"2nd kiss was unnecessary & uncomfortable. Don't do that again😡," a popular tweet said. "We women so often get touched, kissed, groped & poked in instances exactly like this (at an event, at work, etc). WE DON'T LIKE IT. It's time to no longer let these moments of discomfort slide."

Beyhive members also swarmed on the "Power" star in the comments section on Instagram. Check some out in the photo below.


See more Twitter reactions below:

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