Everyone Takes the Iron Throne In Character Posters for Final 'Game of Thrones' Season

The actor often laments he has to film in the freezing cold weather in Iceland under a thick cloak, but the Mother of Dragons says he "definitely got it better."

Emilia Clarke hears Kit Harington's constant complaining about the difficult filming conditions he's had to endure over the past decade on "Game of Thrones," and she thinks he's full of crap.

The Mother of Dragons dropped by "The Late Show" in anticipation of the final season premiere of the blockbuster HBO fantasy epic and couldn't help rolling her eyes when Stephen Colbert brought it up. "He's got the worst, I know," she said sarcastically. "I know, he does really like to tell everyone that."

She then proceeded to break down just how wrong he is. "So this is the thing. Kit always complains 'cause he's always in -- and it's a very heavy cloak, it's a very heavy cloak," she said. "He's got abs, you know, holding him up. So he's fine."

But it's not just the wardrobe that has Harington lamenting his experience on the show over the years as his character manned the Wall, it's the temperatures. "Game of Thrones" films all around the world with temperatures ranging from arctic to tropic, so he's been a bit bummed he's spent so much time in the North.

"So that's cold weather in Iceland," Clarke conceded. "But there's short filming hours because there's only like four hours of daylight. Whereas I'm in a quarry in Malta in like 100 degree heat, passing out every single season because I have two sets of hair on my head."

In other words, maybe lay off the complaining. There are worse things than being cold. Plus, Clarke said he's totally missing the benefits of his filming conditions.

"Kit is always complaining that he's got worse and he's definitely got it better. He's drinking by 2 p.m. 'cause there's only two hours of daylight. We're in a quarry until 11 p.m. being like, 'Go down, sun, go down. I'm hot.'"

The actress also opened up more about the two brain aneurysms she suffered during filming on the show, which she first mentioned in a recent New Yorker article.

What she found remarkable was that a part of her knew what was happening even as it was happening, and she immediately started fighting back even while in the throes of the "worst headache a human probably could possibly manage to experience."

"I genuinely knew I was being brain damaged. I don't know how," Clake told Colbert. "Somewhere at some point in my life I knew that meant brain damage, so I just tried to keep active as possible, move my fingers, my toes and my hands, ask myself questions, Dothraki lines."

That's right, once again Khal Drogo came to his queen's rescue, this time with the mental exercises it took for her to master the made up language she ultimately made her own through her time as Khaleesi.

Last seen together and enduring the exact same filming conditions, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington return with the rest of the "Game of Thrones" cast for the final season, premiering April 14 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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