'A Pickle in Your Thigh?' Sandra Oh Can't Stop Drooling in Hilarious Game of 'Speak Out' on 'Ellen'
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The "Killing Eve" star also opens up about her hesitation taking on the over-the-top trashy character Tishy on this weekend's "SNL."

Ellen DeGeneres loves games and she loves things that are ridiculous, which could be why she keeps wanting to play "Speak Out" with her guests. Sandra Oh was her latest victim.

The "Killing Eve" star, who just showed off her own ridiculous side on "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend, proved game to contort her mouth open and try to say incredibly awkward things for Ellen's delight and amusement.

Who are we kidding, it's for everyone's delight and amusement.

Impressively, Sandra was actually quite understandable through the majority of what she said, even with that ridiculous contraption holding her mouth wide open.

And when she wasn't, she employed charades tactics to try and get Ellen to figure out what she was trying to say.

Perhaps the best exchange, though, came when Sandra was tasked with saying, "Ellen DeGeneres put a pickle in my pie."

Thanks to her careful enunciation, Ellen nailed every word except for that last one. "Put a pickle in your eye?" she asked. She then tried "thigh."

"Closer," Sandra hinted naughtily.

By the midway point of the game, Sandra was using a tissue to try and sop up the drool that was coming out of her mouth. But even then, she was committed to seeing it through. In fact, we'd dare to say this was the most successful game of "Speak Out" Ellen has ever played.

And if Sandra Oh ever shows up at our place to play the game, we're totally calling her on our team. Check out her "Speak Out" mastery above and then watch her die laughing at her ridiculously trashy Tishy character from "SNL" this past weekend below, as she admits, "I was so nervous to do this."

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