Trevor Noah Asks Bernie Sanders If It's Time for 'Old White Men' to Step Aside in Politics
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"You're not talking about me, are you?" Sanders joked on "The Daily Show" Thursday night.

Trevor Noah applauded one of the most diverse fields for the presidency ever in the current Democratic nominees, while at the same time asking one of its front-runners, Bernie Sanders, if it was maybe time for all the "old white men" to step aside.

"You're not talking about me, are you?" Sanders joked on "The Daily Show" Thursday night.

"No, of course not," Noah shot back. "I mean the white men." Noah was referring to the current front-runners for the Democratic nomination, which include Sanders and the yet-to-declare Joe Biden.

"How do you respond to that criticism that people sometimes say, isn't this a time for you guys to step aside?" Noah asked.

"I think the American people have to make that decision, nobody else makes it," he told Noah. "But I think it is appropriate for people to say, okay, who has been talking about this issue, when? Who had the courage to go forward, and at what time?"

In other words, as Noah broke it down, "You're basically saying people have jumped on but you're the O.G. of this idea."

As proof that the American people seem to be still standing behind him, Sanders came in to a thunderous reaction, to which Noah declared, "It literally feels like you are the political Beatles, that's what you are. You're all of them rolled into one."

As for his being an "old white man," all the 77-year-old could do was knock on Noah's desk and say he was thankful for his continued good health, attributing it at least in part to his years as a long-distance runner. And apparently he feels he's got at least one more long run in him.

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