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Williams uses her show to "correct" a few headlines about her over the weekend.

Wendy Williams returned to her morning talk show on Monday and took aim at the online reaction to some photos of her taken at a Walmart over the weekend.

Following what she said was a previously scheduled week-long break from the show, Williams was back in her Hot Topics chair, where the first subject of the day was herself.

While she has yet to reference relapse reports from last month, she did hit back at talk that she looked "frail" and bug-eyed in photos from an early-morning Walmart trip posted to The Shade Room this weekend. In one of the photos, she was seen using a scooter.

During her show, Williams explained that she went camping over the weekend with some of the people from her sober living facility.

"The great thing about being in the sober house are the people that I live with. We are people with functioning careers who just want to check ourselves and get down with that 12 step, you know what I'm saying," she said of her roommates. "There's such a stigma to substance abuse, everyone thinks it's going to be the bum on the corner or what not and you who are watching, if it's you, I'm the face of it. Sometimes you just need to go someplace and get at one with your sobriety and your 12 steps."

"So, I told you I'm in this place, it's over in Queens," she continued. "This weekend, we decided to go camping, because I'm the newbie, I get to make the decision. They said, you have to do something you're not comfortable with and they said, do you want to jump out of a plane? Do you want to swim with the sharks? I said, 'No no,' they said camping."

While on her time away from the city, she and her roommates wound up at the only place in town, the local Walmart, which she said was loaded with "townies." Williams said she took photos with a bunch of people and told one, "Take a picture and I'm gonna act like I'm shopping." That picture, according to Williams, is the one that was circulated online.

"This became a blog sensation over the weekend, so I'm here to correct," she continued. "One of the best things about being truthful to yourself and truthful to you and having your own show is that I can come and dispel my own rumors."

"The headline was poor lonely Wendy needs a hug, then it said she looked frail, she was by herself," Williams said. "You know I have the Graves Disease and sometimes my eyes go like this [pops her eyes]. They caught me with an eye pop also."

Of her outfit and overall appearance, she added, "It was 4:00 in the morning ... what do you want me to wear, a ball gown?"

Williams then shared a couple additional photos from her getaway, showing her on an ATV and holding a gun (above). "Thank you blogs. Do I look frail to you?" she asked her audience, adding the headlines left her feeling "a little disgusted."

Williams first came clean about her living situation last month, telling her viewers, "For some time now, and even today and beyond, I have been living in a sober house. You know I've had a struggle with cocaine in my past. I never went to a place to get the treatment."

"I don't know how except God was sitting on my shoulder and I just stopped," she continued. "But there are people in your family, it might be you, who have been struggling and I want to know more of the story." According to Williams, only her son and husband knew about her living situation.

In March, she also addressed her marital status. "I'm still wearing my ring," she told her audience on March 4th. "Believe me you, when you've been with somebody for 28 years, married for 25 years -- we know each other. He's my best friend, he's my lover."

"I'm still very much in love with my husband, and anyone who's been married, you know, marriages have ebbs and flows. Marriage isn't easy. And don't ask me about mine until you see this gone," she said, pointing to her ring. "And it ain't going anywhere, not in this lifetime."

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