Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Slammed Into Courtside by Dwyane Wade in Beer-Soaked Moment
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The Miami Heat shooting guard spent at least a few moments of his last home game before retirement slamming into the couple and soaking them both.

Chrissy Teigen may be the queen of social media, but the Miami Herald captured perhaps the best moment of her entire online life with one shot Tuesday night.

Sometimes you don't choose the moment, the moment chooses you. Cue the meme factory.

Teigen and hubby John Legend were courtside in Miami for the final home game of Dwyane Wade's career when the shooting guard decided to share his big night with the couple. Okay, maybe it wasn't anybody's decision, but nevertheless they absolutely shared it with him when all 6'4" of his frame wound up slamming into the adorable couple.

Wade's body flew, their drinks flew everywhere and there was not a better moment in the entire game. Okay, Wade was probably more happy that his team won the game against the Philadelphia 76ers 99-122, but even non-basketball fans can appreciate how hilarious the impromptu lap dance was.

The Miami Herald blasted the picture through their Twitter page which shows Wade looking absolutely focused on the shot and the game. Meanwhile, the couple is utterly crushed beneath his frame, both of them wincing and pulling away defensively.

As for the Herald, they quickly asked Teigen if she wanted a copy of the photo, and you know she does. She quickly retweeted the Herald's post, declaring the photo a "renaissance painting."

Legend took to Twitter to share his triumphant aftermath of the viral moment with a video. In it, he is absolutely covered from head to toe in his wife's drink, but proudly declared as he showed his own, "Still got my drank."

By the end of the night, the photo had already begun its life as an online meme. It's everything to do with the serene focus on Wade's face as he is totally in the zone, so to speak, juxtaposed with the inherent chaos happening immediately around him.

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