Bethenny Frankel Slams 'Despicable' Ramona Singer, Shades Eva Marcille and Gives Update on Relationship with Carole Radziwill
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As expected, the "Real Housewives of New York" spitfire held nothing back on Wednesday's "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen."

Bethenny Frankel was as candid as ever on Wednesday's "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen."

She called "Real Housewives of New York" co-star Ramona Singer "despicable," she took a shot at "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Eva Marcille over her rumored financial issues, she weighed in on all the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" drama and she even gave us an update on the status of her relationship with former friend and co-star Carole Radziwill.

Let's dive in.

On Ramona's Tasteless Comments About Dennis

A few episodes back, Ramona said some pretty insensitive things about Bethenny's late boyfriend, Dennis Shields, who died of a drug overdose last year. "How smart can Dennis be? I mean, he was on drugs," Ramona said to Sonja Morgan at the time.

"It was in really poor taste. It was actually fairly despicable," Bethenny told Andy of the remark. "I mean, people have come up to me and said, 'Over the course of the last 10 years, she's done some pretty nasty things, but that was by far the worst.'"

Andy asked if Bethenny heard from Ramona after the episode aired.

"I did. She said, 'I don't know what to say. I've tried to ask if it could not be in the show,' etc. I said, 'I don't know what to say.' And she said, 'There's nothing to say.' I didn't know what to say!" Bethenny explained. "But I did say to her recently, 'I don't harbor resentment. I'm not angry.' I don't feel anger the way I used to anymore with this show. You can't live in it. It's bad, but the thing is, she's done it nonstop. Every single episode, there's another swipe, another slam. There's another one [in last night's episode] about being in Boston [visiting my boyfriend]."

Bethenny's often been critical about Ramona's "fake business," so when a caller asked Bethenny what she thought about her co-star's new skincare line, Ageless By Ramona, B showered her in some unexpected praise -- before flipping the script.

"I think the name is really good. I think she talks a lot about anti-aging, she looks good, she's always with her dermatologist," Bethenny said. "I wish her the very best of luck. She puts it on your hands any time she gets a chance, but it's not hand cream. But it felt good!"

Instead of letting the comment end on a high note, Andy just had to ask Bethenny if she felt this one was a "real business."

"Oh. Ohhh," she replied. "Ummm, no. No. I think that what a real business is now has so many definitions. Do I think she has some product that she can sell online? Yeah. But I don't think she has good distribution."

On Eva's Rumored Money Struggles

On this season of "RHOA," Marlo Hampton brought up to the group that she had heard rumors about Eva and her husband's financial turmoil. Among the claims were that Eva's a "fraud," that Mike's also broke, that her credit is so terrible she had to rent their townhouse in someone else's name, and that they had to move from it immediately because they were being kicked out.

Eva maintains that her ex -- the father of her first child -- follows her everywhere she goes. She claims he was abusive to her and is a constant threat, so she and her family have to move around constantly and rent out homes under aliases.

"That house did look temporary," Bethenny told Andy of Eva's townhouse. "That house did look temporary."

On the 'RHOBH' Drama

Bethenny's been Kyle Richards' friend for decades, so when she was asked to weigh in on her falling out with Lisa Vanderpump, she said, "Based on the way that Kyle's talking, I don't think [the friendship] will be over over."

"But as I said to Lisa [Rinna] by text -- and I don't know all the backstory because it's intense and there is a lot of backstory -- 'If you're gonna take a shot at that V, you better not miss,'" she added. "And I said to Lisa [Rinna], 'If you're gonna land it, you gotta land it.' If they're trying to put [Lisa Vanderpump] in the ground and there's one finger moving, you better make sure she's dead -- and she ain't.

Of the whole PuppyGate saga that is still plaguing Season 9 of the series, Bethenny said, "I think the dog thing went on too long. And I do think Teddi [Mellencamp] going, 'Who gave the order?! I didn't do it without the order!' I'm like, 'Who are you, a Castellano?'"

On Her Relationship with Carole

A caller asked Bethenny if she and Carole had spoken after last year's explosive reunion and wondered if Carole had reached out after Dennis' passing.

"She sent a card," Bethenny replied. "And I actually ran into her recently, and we had a brief moment. She had had a dream about me the night before."

The Skinnygirl added, "Her deceased husband's mother passed away, and I sent her a text when it happened a couple weeks ago. So it's just clean, which is the best way."

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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