Chelsea Handler Weighs In on Kevin Hart's Controversial Tweets, Missing 'Chelsea Lately'
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The comedian also talks about why her new book takes a more serious turn than her previous six comedy bestsellers.

Chelsea Handler may not have a nightly show anymore, but she still has strong opinions on those topics that matter to her, like Kevin Hart's recent controversy over old tweets.

It's been almost five years since the comedian signed off for the last time on her late-night talk show "Chelsea Lately," so Andy Cohen took a few moments on "Watch What Happens Live" to check in with her about some of the hot topics going on today, as well as her thoughts on the show she left behind.

As a fellow comedian, Handler had a very strong opinion about the drubbing Kevin Hart endured over his controversial old tweets, leading to him stepping down as host of the Oscars. When Cohen asked if comedians should be held responsible for old tweets and comments, Handler shot back quickly, "I don't think so."

She went on to explain, "I honestly think we've all made mistakes. I've said things that are deplorable that I would never say again."

At issue for her isn't whether or not what Hart said is right or wrong by today's standards -- or really the standards of any era -- but whether or not we're allowing for people to grow.

"You can't just hold people to the fire for things that went on-- We all evolve and we all grow up and we get it," she said. "Now we understand that this isn't allowed."

"And the culture has changed," Cohen added, referring to society's expanding acceptance and sensitivity creating an interesting juxtaposition of mutually impressive openness and outrage.

Based on Handler's excitement in admitting that she has no idea who Tristan Thompson is, Cohen felt pretty confident he knew how the comedian would respond to his next question. And she wasted no time saying "No!" when he asked if she missed doing "Chelsea Lately."

Handler got very candid in explaining how her enthusiasm for the show waned over the eight years she was on the air. "I liked it in the beginning," she admitted. "It was fun, it was exciting to make lots of money and have the attention."

But it didn't last. "After a while, it was like, how many more of these actors do I have to talk to until it's over?"

She admitted she understands the appeal of that type of show, but it just wasn't something she could do anymore.

Instead, the comedian said she's taken a hard look inside herself through therapy and come out with a new perspective on how to use her platform. And thus, her new book has a much more serious tone than her previous six bestsellers.

"If I'm going to make a living out of being a loudmouth, I may as well mouth loudly something of import, something that everyone can take away from," she said. "And I think this book is the first time I felt like a real writer, so I'm proud."

Chelsea Handler's new book about her year of self-discovery, "Life Will be the Death of Me... And You Too!" is available now.

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