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The host asks the actor who portrays Jaime Lannister everything from what he's wearing in the final season to whether or not he's sitting on a throne.

Busy Philipps often has "Burning Questions" about whatever's popping in pop culture, but she rarely has a subject as willing to answer them as "Game of Thrones" star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

And she didn't have much to go on. When the "Busy Tonight" host reached out to HBO in anticipation of his appearance on the show to ask for any kind of sneak preview or peek they deemed fit to send her way, the network absolutely sent her something.

It was basically a head shot of Coster-Waldau's character Jaime Lannister. "Wow, wow, wow," Philipps said sarcastically. "Thank you, HBO."

But she determined to make the best of it, and so that photo became the centerpiece of her interrogation of one Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. After all, she assumed it was a production still from the upcoming eight and final season, so surely there was something going on around that photo that would be interesting to "Thrones" fans.

"Can you confirm or deny you are happy in this photo?" she asked him after noticing that he appeared to be smiling.

"Jaime is happy," Coster-Waldau determined.

She also dug into his travel beard and confirmed that winter has, in fact, come. But that's just surface stuff. It's time to dig deeper.

"Who are you looking at?" Philipps asked. "Is it me? Is it Cersei?"

After a pause, Coster-Waldau answered, "It's a lot of food." When Philipps suggested he was perhaps at a banquet, he liked that answer.

"Are you looking at a turkey leg?" she asked.

We can't help but wonder if the next question was a bit self-serving, as she asked the actor, "Are you wearing pants and are they made of metal?" His quick response, after a moment of thought, was "Yes, no," so that was a non-starter.

But her final question may have elicited the most telling response. "What are you sitting on? Is it a throne or no throne?"

"You could call it a throne, yes," Coster-Waldau said. Does that mean a toilet? His on-screen father shared a pretty strong connection to one of those.

So ... if we're understanding this right, Jaime Lannister is happy after having traveled to a banquet in non-metallic pants where he is looking at a turkey leg while sitting on a throne of sorts ... which might be a toilet.

Hmmmmm, could a similar fate await the most beloved/hated former master-swordsman in Westeros? Or perhaps he was celebrating something? Does Jaime Lannister win the game of thrones? Or is he perhaps just keeping the seat warm for the actual winner? Is it an ice dragon?

"Game of Thrones" kicks off its eighth and final season Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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