Sunny Hostin Doesn't Think Kim Kardashian Should Take 'Shortcuts' to Become a Lawyer

"She has a lot of money and a lot of time," says Sunny.

Kim Kardashian wants to follow in her father, Robert Kardashian's, footsteps and become a lawyer. The one difference between the father-daughter duo, in Sunny Hostin's eyes: "He went to law school."

On Friday's episode of "The View," Hostin applauded Kim's lobbying for prison reform and the work she's done for Alice Marie Johnson, but just couldn't get behind Kardashian's path to taking the bar.

According to her interview with Vogue, Kardashian plans to do a four-year apprenticeship with a law firm, before taking the exam in 2022. She plans to do it without stepping foot inside a law school, as California is one of four states that doesn't require a law degree for the exam.

"I do think it's wonderful that she wants to practice law, but I don't think there should be shortcuts in life and I take the practice of law very seriously," said Hostin. "I remember after college and after law school, I went a step further and became a judicial law clerk on an appellate court with the Chief Judge because I felt I wasn't prepared enough to represent people."

"I remember when I first stepped into a court room to represent the People of the United States, I was shaking in my boots because I took it so seriously," she continued. "[Kim] wants to like, read a couple of articles and undertake a four year apprenticeship ... I don't know, I think it's too serious."

Ana Navarro defended Kardashian, telling Sunny to "Give her a break, girl!"

"It's not her fault, there's four states -- California being one of them -- where you can take the bar without having gone to law school," Navarro continued, making it clear no special treatment was being made for Kim.

"I think advocacy is great and I think shortcuts are not," explained Hostin.

"Why can't she go to to college and then go to law school? She's young enough to start now," added Joy Behar, with which Sunny agreed. "She has a lot of money and a lot of time," said Hostin.