'RHOBH' Recap: Camille Grammer Defends Brett Kavanaugh in Screaming Match Against Lisa Rinna
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"I know what it feels like to be wrongfully accused and humiliated," Camille blurts out at dinner, leaving everyone in shock.

On Tuesday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," the ladies graduated from arguing about puppies named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice to arguing about Supreme Court Justices named Brett Kavanaugh.

It was around the time Dr. Christine Ford came forward to accuse Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were in high school, causing a delay in his nomination. The Senate Judiciary hearing regarding the allegations took the country by storm last year, and among those rallying around Christine was Lisa Rinna. Camille Grammer, however, was of a "totally different" opinion.

On Tuesday's new hour, Rinna gathered the ladies for dinner to celebrate her 90-year-old mother, Lois, being in town. (We love Lois.) When Denise Richards asked Rinna why Harry Hamlin wasn't there, she said he was at home, glued to the TV, watching Kavanaugh's Senate hearing unfold.

"I invited him, but it's a pretty big day politically because of the Brett Kavanaugh hearing," Rinna explained. "The fact that this doctor came out -- I think she's changing everything with her courage."

Crouching down into her chair, Camille mumbled, "I just have a different point of view on this one." Kyle Richards asked, "What were you saying, Camille?" Camille repeated herself a little more confidently.

"She didn't have enough evidence," she maintained. "When you are gonna go up against the Senate with something like that, you better have your witnesses lined up because that's a very tough thing."

Teddi Mellencamp, who was seated next to Camille, asked, "Isn't that sickening to say?" Rinna barked back, "Yeah, it is."

"If [that happened to you] at 15, you would tell your best friend or you would tell your parents," Camille said, her voice getting louder and more stern. Dorit Kemsley's eyes nearly came out of her head.

"Camille, not necessarily," Rinna replied with disgust. "Absolutely not." Teddi added, "I do not agree."

Lisa's friend, Robin, was just as upset. She said she was "attacked in 7th grade" and that she had "never spoken about it until recently because of the #MeToo movement." When Camille heard the #MeToo reference, her eyes widened just a bit and her mouth opened ever so slightly. It wasn't an eye roll, but it felt like one.

That's when Camille blurted out, "I'm a victim, too," surprising the ladies at the table. "I told my boyfriend, I told my mother, I told my therapist. I told people! I didn't hold onto it for 35 years."

Rinna tried to say that Christine told her husband, too, but Camille said, "She told her husband years after. It doesn't make sense." That's when Rinna snapped.

"Do you not believe her, though?!" she shouted from across the table. "Do you not believe this woman?!"

"We don't know if for sure it happened or not because it's a he-said, she-said. This pisses me off!" Camille fired back. Rinna asked her one more time if she did not believe Christine, and Camille shook her head no.

Teddi then asked Camille how she'd feel if she said she didn't believe that Camille had once been attacked.

"That's your prerogative," Camille replied with a shrug. "This woman has some serious allegations, and I feel bad for what him and his family are going through."

Given Camille's history, Rinna said she was stunned she wouldn't be more "empathetic" to Christine.

"I am very empathetic to women [who have been victims of sexual assault], but I've also been accused of things that I've never done!" Camille fired back. "I am really impassioned about this, and I know what it feels like to be wrongfully accused and humiliated all over the country, the world, for lies!"

"He is going to be a judge on our court for the rest of his f--king life, and that is a very big f--king thing!" Rinna shouted.

Kyle ended up interjecting and asking the ladies to agree to stay away from politics. They agreed, apologized to Lois and toasted to the woman of the night.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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