Winter Has Finally Arrived In First Look at Final Season of 'Game of Thrones'

The comedians cover everything from Daenarys' relation to Jon Snow, why Leslie keeps picking bad men and what she'd do with two full-grown dragons.

When Leslie Jones finds something she gets into, she gets into it hardcore. Her Olympics obsession was enough to get her sent overseas to help with NBC's coverage, and her "Game of Thrones" obsession has brought to life one of "Late Night's" best recurring segments.

"I never thought I'd be this nerdy," Leslie confessed as they were getting into the episode. But what is "nerdy" about obsessing over this television show when other people obsess over sports, cars, fashion or whatever else strikes their fancy. It's just fanboying or fangirling over something and everyone does it.

For the final season of the epic HBO series, Seth Meyers sat down with the "Saturday Night Live" star to break down and watch the premiere episode in the latest installment of "Game of Jones," and we're already jonesing for a return visit.

We're not sure if they're planning to make this a weekly thing during the entire six-episode run of the show, but if they're not ... well, it's not too late. Make it happen!

We can think of nothing more fun than watching the show with these two, whether they're "levitated" or not. In fact, we'd be down for full episode commentaries by the pair.

Unfortunately, this clip wasn't much more than ten minutes long, meaning we didn't get to watch Leslie's excited reactions to every single moment, but they definitely hit the highlights.

When the Unsullied were marching into Winterfell, Leslie pointlessly pointed out, "None of them got penises. That’s why they marching so good in the cold."

That doesn't mean she completely understands everything that's going on at any time. And admittedly, some of the details can get a little murky, like the relationship between Daenarys Targaryen and Jon Snow. Leslie gave it her all trying to explain it to Seth, but a disclaimer on the screen pointed out, "None of this is correct."

Somehow they got into talking about the circumstances in life where Leslie found herself needing to headbutt someone -- and yes, that was a plural circumstances -- how she keeps winding up with p.o.s. men like Euron Greyjoy and whether or not she should be trusted with dragons.

"You better not trust me with a dragon. They shoot fire and fly," Leslie said. "That means I’m gonna do drive-bys every weekend, son."

But perhaps the funniest moment came when Seth asked Leslie what she was going to obsess about when "Game of Thrones" wraps up in less than two months, and her answer somehow led them to an impression of a Westerosi version of "The Klumps."

It must be seen to be believed.

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