8 Unanswered Questions From 'Game Of Thrones' Episode 2: 'A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms'

Most people assume a "Song Of Ice And Fire" is about Jon and Dany's romance. But what if it was about their rivalry?

The Battle of Winterfell is upon us.

On Sunday night, episode 2 of "Game Of Thrones" season 8 — 'A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms' — collected pretty much all the remaining characters at House Stark to prepare for the Night King's onslaught. It will be the last time many of our favorites are together, or even alive for that matter.

While we have to wait one more episode to find out who lives and who dies in the big cull, we were left with plenty of other questions in the meantime:

1. Er, what age is Arya again?

Yes we've been shipping Arya and Gendry since day one, but when it came to crunch time on Sunday night some fans couldn't help but feel a little... uncomfortable. Most people still see Arya as Ned's little girl from season one, and seeing her strip was definitely a bit weird.

However Arya has grown up since then — a lot. She's around 18 in the show now, while the actress who plays her, Maisie Williams, is actually 22.

Don't forget, in a show already overflowing with throne claimants, if Arya managed to get pregnant first time round, the baby would have both Baratheon and Stark blood....

2. Is Dany going to turn on Jon?

Most people assume a "Song Of Ice And Fire" is about Jon and Dany's romance. But what if it was about their rivalry?

Daenerys discovered on Sunday that she is in fact not the rightful heir to the Iron Throne; that would be her nephew/lover Jon Snow, AKA Aegon Targaryen. She didn't have a lot of time to process this information - but what is really going through her head?

She is showing more and more of her mad dad's tendencies (execution by fire, anyone?); could she be destined for a fight with Jon?

We know Jon can ride dragons... maybe both Rhaegal and the Night King will fall in the Battle of Winterfell, allowing Jon to claim Viserion, and the fate of Westeros will be decided in an epic fire dragon vs ice dragon, Targaryen vs Targeryen finale?

3. Where is Viserion?

Speaking of Viserion, where is he? The reanimated dragon hasn't been seen since wrecking the wall last season. Is the Night King really en route to Winterfell? What's keeping him? Could he have another destination in mind?

The speedy trio of Tormund, Beric Dondarrion and Dolorus Edd haven't mentioned spotting him. They arrived behind the Night King to the Last Hearth, but somehow managed to go around and overtake the army of the dead and beat them back to Winterfell.

4. Is Jaime legit?

Jaime walking into Winterfell unchallenged last week was a stretch — seeing him convince his sworn enemies he is totally trustworthy was even harder to swallow. Has Jaime really abandoned his sister?

Speaking to Tyrion, he sounded like he was still unabashedly in love with Cersei, plus he seemed to believe she was pregnant with yet another one of his kids. Has he really turned face?

5. Why isn't everyone in Westeros a knight?

The night is dark and full of terrors — but becoming a knight is a short and cheery affair. On Sunday night Jaime anointed Brienne of Tarth in about ten seconds, making her the first ever female to hold the title.

But if any knight can anoint anyone a knight — why isn't everyone a knight? Especially in a land as unscrupulous as Westeros. Are we to believe every knight wouldn't make all his mates knights? And they make all their mates knights? People would be selling knighthoods for loaves of bread.

Plus knights get killed all the time - surely you could just say you were anointed before some knight died? It's not like you get a badge or a certificate or something.

6. Why haven't they taken Bran to King's Landing?

Bran revealed on Sunday night that he is the Night King's true target, and that mark on his arm is basically a GPS tracker (waiting til a few hours before the battle to inform everyone). Thanks Bran! Your Greensight really is an asset.

Question is, why weren't they immediately taking him down to King's Landing? Daenerys should have immediately thrown him aboard Drogon's back and dropped him like a bomb on the Red Keep, and stood back as the army of the dead made a bee line for the capital instead.

Better still, summon Meera Reed and her sled, who has proven she can easily outrun wights in waist-deep snow.

7. Will the White Walkers recognize Baby Sam?

One of the show's weirder moments came back in season 4 when we discovered how Craster managed to stay on the Night King's good side and live unbothered north of the Wall with all 19 of his wife/daughters.

Any girls Craster had, he raised, married and impregnated. But any boys he had he left out in the snow as a sacrifice to the white walkers. The Night King in turn turned the youngsters into baby white walkers. We haven't seen any adolescent white walkers wandering around, so maybe they immediately grow into those old dudes.

Point is, Gilly's son Baby Sam is brother to at least some of the white walkers — will they recognize him upon reaching Winterfell?

8. What's up with that creepy song?

Pod can sing! Composer Ramin Djawadi has penned some beautiful tunes to George RR Martin's lyrics, and on Sunday night fans were treated to yet another — Jenny's song:

"High in the halls / Of the Kings who are gone / Jenny would dance with her ghosts / The ones she had lost / And the ones she had found / And the ones who had loved her the most / The ones who’d been gone /For so very long / She couldn’t remember their names / They spun her around / On the damp old stones/ Spun away all her sorrow and pain / And she never wanted to leave..." the haunting tune goes.

In the books, Jenny was Jenny Of Oldstones, a commoner whom Prince Duncan Targaryen married against his father's wishes, thus abdicating his claim on the throne. Of course, this being Game Of Thrones, they both ended up dead.

Some fans believe the significance of the song will see Dany forced to choose between her heart and the Iron Throne.

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