'Thantasstic Voyage' Trailer Sees Ant-Man Probe the Thanus Theory
Marvel / Nerdist

"The Avengers have hit the skids! A-hole new adventure!"

There's less than one week to go before we finally find out if the Thanus theory is just a theory or a veritable plan of attack for the Avengers.

As the (very) popular online breakdown goes: Ant-Man will use his shrinking powers to sneak in a certain orifice of the Mad Titan's, before expanding to giant size and vanquishing the villain in a very gross and painful way.

The latest Nerdist Remix trailer mash-up honors the theory by crossing the "Avengers: End Game" with 1966 sci-fi classic "Fantastic Voyage" — the result: "Thantasstic Voyage".

"Prepare yourselves for a journey to the deepest darkest recesses of the universe," the puntastic clip warns in dramatic '60s style.

"Thanos the Mad Titan has ripped the Avengers in two; now our heroes will have to rip one through him... by taking the fight inside."

The intertitle cards are even more delightfully infantile: "The Avengers have hit the skids! Our world has gone down the tube! A-hole new adventure! Will they win in the END?"

The cleverly edited clip makes Josh Brolin really look like he's suffering from a seriously irritated bowel.

"This is gonna get pretty freaky, but it's safe," Paul Rudd assures.

"Join the Ant-Man as he leads the team on an adventure of gluteus maximus proportions," the old-timey narrator concludes. "He's got a plan ('It's gotta be airtight') to punch a hole in that colon."

In the original 1966 film, a team of scientists shrink a submarine to the size of a microbe to travel inside a colleague's brain to remove a blood clot, having just one hour before they revert to normal size... doing to the victim what many internet users hope gets done to Thanos this weekend.

The Nerdist Remix series also includes "Planet Flat Earth" and the "Jurassic Park" parody trailer mocking the Fyre Fest disaster.

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