Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Costars' 'BS,' Says Kyle Richards Fight Felt Like 'She Slapped Me In the Face'
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The reality star is also asked if she'll return for another season after all the #Puppygate drama.

Lisa Vanderpump's falling out with almost the entire cast of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" has dominated the current season of the show, but she hasn't ruled out returning just yet.

In a new episode of the "RHOBH After Show" posted to Bravo's YouTube channel, LVP is asked by a producer if she'd be back for more after this season's drama. Her answer: "It depends, I can't say."

While she wasn't exactly forthcoming with that one, Vanderpump had no problem digging into her feud with her costars, especially the blowout fight with Kyle Richards.

"I haven't seen the show this season," explained LVP. "The reason I haven't seen the show is one because it's no fun being the recipient of everyone ganging up on you, But also, this isn't the first time I've been through this."

She then cited similar instances in Seasons 2, 4 and 6, where she was at odds with Kyle, Brandi Glanville and Lisa Rinna.

"I don't want to be a victim, I'm just talking about my emotional feelings," she continued. "When you go through a really, kind of desperate time yourself, the people that are there next to you, holding your hand and supporting you, I think will forever be etched in your mind as the people that got you through something. I think the people that maybe aren't there, you suddenly realize that you can possibly do without."

Looking back at her time on the show, she said a lot has changed. "I think eight years ago, I had no real understanding of what I was going to get into, but it was exciting," she said, explaining how she, Taylor Armstrong, Adrienne Maloof, Kim and Kyle Richards all knew each other in a "very organic" way.

"I think we were really just out to have a good time, but this season feels different," she went on. "I think that was because I was emotionally in a very different place than I have been for the last eight years."

The current season was filmed following her brother's suicide, something Vanderpump said heightened her emotions, specifically the night she had her explosive kitchen fight with Kyle.

"It was the night before my birthday weekend and I was particularly sensitive because it was my first birthday and obviously still grieving my own sibling," she recalled. As the conversation escalated, Lisa said the whole thing felt like "she slapped me in the face."

While there were no physical blows, Lisa said the incident made her feel "the same way I felt when Brandi Glanville slapped me in the face, I felt how can I counteract that. Something inside me just snapped." She added that she thought Kyle was "trying to humiliate me, because she knows it's not just her and I having a conversation, she's basically calling me a liar in front of the whole world."

Of the fight, she now says, "I don't regret a word of it."

Though it doesn't appear she'll film much -- if at all -- with any of the other women going forward this season, Vanderpump said she has been paying attention to what some of them have been saying on social media and in other media interviews.

"The last six months, since I stopped filming with them, hearing them saying, 'This is all about lies and deception' and 'The truth will come out' and them kind of all doing their photograph shoots together and saying, 'Oh somebody's not here' and 'Somebody wont film with us,' I put up with their BS for six months," she said. "Listening to the negative insinuations about me. It hasn't been easy."

Kyle also popped up in the video to simply say she believes it's "very difficult" for Lisa to be "called out" by those close to them. "Sometimes people cant handle the truth, they want to run."

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays on Bravo.