Madonna and Maluma Get Wild In 'Medellin' for Brand New Music Video
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Madame X is in the house with one very sexy new music video.

One, two, cha-cha-cha!

Madonna is back with a brand new look, sound and collaborator with her video for "Medellin," the first cut from her upcoming album, "Madame X."

The album title is also the alter-ego she's rocking these days, something she explained during an MTV livestream before the video dropped.

"I feel like when I started my career as an artist, I was naive," she said, calling her naivety a good thing. "You are free and pure in your expression and I wanted to be able to go back to that time in my life when I was just starting out in New York and I didn't care what people thought and my music really came without listening to all the noise and recommendations or suggestions and that is also the time in my life, when I was 19, that I was given the name Madame X. It all comes full circle."

Rocking dark locks, a red eye patch and leather gloves and whip, the Queen of Pop shares the dance floor, bed and even a wedding ceremony with collaborator Maluma in the video.

"I took a sip and had a dream and that's where the video got shot," she said with a laugh before the premiere, when asked where it was filmed.

Madonna's 14th album, "Madame X," drops June 14.

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