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The former "One Tree Hill" actress also offers graphic, yet hilarious, details of a horrific kissing scene with a clueless partner.

Sophia Bush is an unabashed member of the Beyhive and she's not ashamed at all. In fact, the former "One Tree Hill" star told Jimmy Fallon she has absolutely no shame when it comes to fangirling out.

The actress admitted she may have gotten a little defensive when Fallon's producer asked her how many times she'd watched Beyonce's Netflix documentary since its release last week.

"I was like, 'What's it to you?'" Bush shot back, before admitting, "I may have lost count, I don't know. Sometimes I black out, sometimes I cry, I learn things. It's really special."

But this isn't just blind love, as Bush had no problem justifying why she's so obsessed with this documentary and Beyonce in general. "Her commitment to artistry and the way that she demands excellence from every single person on her team, and herself," Bush said. "It's so antithetical to what we hear about hierarchy.

She went on to add, "I just think she's setting a really killer example for the creative process, and I sort of like her. Whatever."

She also made it pretty clear that if she ever gets the chance to meet Beyonce, there's every likelihood that it will be an incredibly awkward encounter, Beyonce will probably get very uncomfortable and someone on her team might have to ask Bush politely -- or not-so-politely to leave.

After all, she felt she nearly pushed it that far when meeting "Saturday Night Live" star Kate McKinnon a few years ago at the network upfronts. Like her love of Beyonce, she is a huge admirer of the comedian, and so she just let her know that in a torrent of praise-vomit.

"I was like, 'Oh my god, you are so funny," Bush said. "And I was just sort of telling her that I love her and then was like, 'And see, I'm doing the super-awkward thing where like I can't stop talking and that's what strangers do and I know it's weird because like I'm also on TV; I'm not totally a stranger--' and I just kept going. And I don't think I breathed for two minutes."

Bush proved she had some comedic chops of her own, though, throughout the interview but nowhere more than when describing another awkward encounter. At least time she wasn't the one being awkward, but that definitely did not make the experience better for her.

She also didn't at all say that this went down during her years on the hit show "One Tree Hill," but it pretty much totally did. After all, she set up the story by saying, "Years ago I was working on a show, the one that really stands out, and I had to kiss this boy."

She very adamantly did not identify the boy, though she did say they'd only known one another about a week by the timem their characters kissed on camera. Start scouring the archives and look for the best acting of Sophia Bush's career.

"We were doing the scene and ... before I knew it, I was like, 'Oh my god, ow," Bush recalled. "And I realized he was biting my lip, but like not my lip, he was biting this part of my face where my chin-face attaches to my teeth."

She was talking about the part inside your mouth below your teeth. "Like all the way down, he went past the lip," she said. "And he dragged my lip through his teeth like an artichoke leaf. I was like, I feel so violated." And yet, she had to act like she was so into this dude.

Had he never kissed anyone before? Amazingly, Bush says he was totally confident about what had just happened.

"They cut and I look at him ... and I go, 'What are you doing, bro?'" she told Fallon. "And he goes, 'I'm being sexy.' I was like, 'Not sexy. Hot tip, this is why you're single.'"

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