Avengers Cast Fail Miserably Answering Avengers Questions
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"How did Thanos get the Power Stone? He's a dude, that's just how it works."

So Avengers Day is here, and without spoiling anything, fans are going to have a lot of questions afterwards.

But there is a group of people you probably shouldn't bother asking: the Avengers themselves.

In its latest Autocomplete Interview, Wired posed the 50 most Googled Marvel questions at Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner and Danai Gurira... and the answers weren't exactly encyclopedic.

From Hemsworth's spit-filled attempt to pronounce the Wakandan dialect of Xhosa, to Renner's guess in that Thor, Black Panther and Captain America are all 173 years of age, the superheroes proved they are not so super-knowledgeable.

Thor might have been the most clueless: he believed Thanos rid the universe of half its population because of "traffic", that the Infinity Stones were "Christmas Decorations", and that he himself was the God of Hammers, or Lightning, or possibly Ikea Furniture Assembly.

Cheadle meanwhile believed Thanos was lashing out in anger over having "a ballsack on his neck"; when asked where Captain Marvel got her powers he replied: "crack."

Why was Red Skull in Infinity War? "Contractual obligation," Johansson guessed, despite the Captain America villain actually being one of the only characters in the MCU who was recast (with "The Walking Dead"'s Ross Marquand stepping in for "Lord Of The Rings"' Hugo Weaving).

"Is Thanos a god? no but Josh Brolin is," she purred in another reply.

"Can a lightsaber cut through Captain America's shield? That question is entirely too geeky for me."

When asked both how tall and how strong the Hulk was, the best she could do was "sooooo tall" and "sooooo strong." When asked what fans should watch before "Infinity War," she replied "Ricki Lake".

As for "How did Thanos get the Power Stone? He's a dude, that's just how it works," she snorted.

Indeed the only question anybody took seriously was when Cheadle was asked How to draw the Avengers.

"Carefully. And take a lot of time when you draw War Machine," he deadpanned. "There's a lot of shading, a lot of people miss that, there's subtlety. There's a family of grays; you can't just go gun metal gray and be done with it. Don't rush through your drawing of War Machine."

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