Ellen DeGeneres Forced to Get New 'Do After Hair Coloring Nightmare
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"I would touch my head and my hair was falling out," says the host, as she explains her new look.

Ellen DeGeneres hit the stage of her show this week with a more cropped, much brighter look -- and it's all because her regularly scheduled coloring appointment ended in utter disaster.

"You may have noticed my hair is a little bit blonder today than usual and a little bit shorter than usual and that's because I had my hair done over the weekend," she told her studio audience Monday. "And by over the weekend I mean, the entire weekend."

As she then dove into what went wrong, she joked it all "started with the same sentence all bad hair stories start with: 'I tried a new person.'"

The process took hours and when it was done, DeGeneres recalled looking in the mirror and saying, "This is not good."

"It was like orange and pink and purple, I had the pride flag on my head," she joked. "It was kind of greenish ashy, so you couldn't tell where my skin stopped and the hair started."

But that wasn't the worst of it. "Not only was it a weird color, it was damaged ... my hair was falling out," she explained. "I would touch my head and my hair was falling out. My hair was so embarrassed, it didn't want anything to do with my head and said, 'I'm getting out of here.'"

Even wife Portia de Rossi eventually agreed that the end result was not great, telling Ellen "it was horrible" after initially saying it wasn't that bad.

To avoid becoming "that lady who wears hats," DeGeneres said she then had another team of colorists take a stab at it, leading to the shorter, blonder look.

"I can't touch it, I'm not allowed to wash it," she added. "Today I should be fine if I don't sneeze or blink."