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"We were going to be the biggest thing that the world of children's music had ever seen," Rudd says in the clip.

It's a good thing acting worked out for James Corden and Paul Rudd, because being a kids duo doesn't seem to be their forte.

Before they were television and movie stars, Corden and Rudd took a stab at a career in children's programming, at least according to a hilarious comedy skit on Monday night's "Late Late Show."

In the video, Corden and Rudd recalled "the untold story" of their duo group, The Naptime Boyz, where they performed catchy songs for kids. Up until now, they never understood why they weren't successful. Unbeknownst to the duo, it was all because of their sexually suggestive dance moves.

"I was working on solo material for a while and if I'm honest it just wasn't going anywhere," Corden said and Rudd added, "And I was in a similar place, but then I met James and something just clicked, it was lightning in a bottle."

"We were going to be the biggest thing that the world of children's music had ever seen," he added.

The duo explained their music was a hit, however, the videos for the songs weren't being received well. After showing a music video for their first song "The Busy Day" -- which featured some roll-the-dice dance moves -- they realized the issue was that the video possibly encouraged gambling. Obviously, that's wasn't the issue.

Sadly, their second track, "The Silly Seesaw" didn't take off either, as it featured some humping and thrusting choreography. Like their first song, Corden and Rudd didn't understand why the label never spoke to them again.

Like they say in show business, the show must go on. According to Corden and Rudd, they went back in the studio to record "The Housework Song," which they called their "Purple Rain" or "Spice World." The duo immediately mailed the song to PBS, who Rudd said, pitched "The Naptime Boyz" a children's series that was "supposed to be the next 'Sesame Street.'"

The music video for "The Housework Song" was so inappropriate, their show had the "fastest cancellation in television history," according to Rudd.

"Mr. Rogers said if we ever showed our faces at PBS again, he would personally kick our asses," Corden said.

Someone off-screen finally helped the duo realize what was the real problem. See their reaction, and all of the dance moves, in the full clip above.

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