Blake Shelton Gets Pre-Engagement Gift from Ellen, Huge Scare from 'Modern Family' Star Julie Bowen
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Just like she sped up the engagement of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez with a gaudy clock, Ellen DeGeneres is looking to help Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

It worked once, so Ellen DeGeneres figured it might just work on Blake Shelton, too.

After finding herself surprisingly successful in hurrying up the engagement of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, the "Ellen" host decided it was time to give Blake a not-so-subtle nudge toward actually getting engaged to Gwen Stefani.

And what better way to do it than with the same awful and gaudy gift she gave J.Lo.

"I gave her that clock and literally a week later he proposed to her," DeGeneres said, trotting out a new clock with Blake and Gwen locking lips on it. The picture itself is rather sweet, admittedly, but the overall presentation is just way too much.

"So you’re saying there’s a chance she’s gonna ask me to marry her with this clock," Shelton shot back, thinking himself clever. "See how I flipped it around and put it on her."

"Now that she knows that you’re waiting for her to ask, now that she sees this, she’ll ask you," Ellen said, promising to call Gwen that night and let her know he was waiting.

Honestly, if this works out, Ellen might be on to something. If she can't have people come on her show to gift them with the clock, she could make them available through her website. Just send a picture of the happy couple and wait a week after they receive it. (Results may vary, engagement not guaranteed, blah, blah, blah.)

This was actually the second time Ellen brought up a possible engagement between the couple. The first was as part of a desperate ploy to save a friend. After enjoying a freewheeling conversation with Blake that covered all sorts of bizarre and varied topics, she realized she had a problem on her hands.

They talked about their love of Cheetos, what kind of Pebbles they like -- Cocoa, obviously! It's about the milk -- and Blake even admitted to thinking that it was West Consin (instead of Wisconsin) and that there was also an East Consin. Ellen even had a shot of Blake falling on stage for them to laugh at.

"People love that sort of thing, see what I’m saying," Blake said. "You sell more tickets that way. It’s why a lot of people watch races, they wanna see a crash."

He even got in a dig at his fellow coaches on "The Voice," as he enjoyed a substantial lead in number of contestants out of the Top 24. Feeling confident he has the winner in his group, he said of the other singers, "There is good people, but they have crappy coaches. All of them. It’s not their fault that they’re being misled."

Finally, though, Ellen had to sit forward and get serious for a minute. This got Blake to sit up straighter, and that was what freed "Modern Family" star Julie Bowen to erupt from the box and scream in his face. She got him pretty good, but didn't have the energy to really enjoy it.

"He’s been hitting on the top of the box with his big, beefy hand like this over and over and over," Julie said, grabbing Blake's hand. "I thought I was gonna die, Ellen."

That's why Ellen tried that get serious tactic. "Julie, I had to get his arm off," she explained. "The whole time his arm was on [the box]. I was like, how do I get his arm off?"

Blake sat quietly for a few moments while the women lamented how difficult he'd made their carefully-planned scare with his "beefy" arm and hand flopped all over the box. Finally, in a moment of quiet, he asked, "When can we talk about the fact that I just crapped my pants?"

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