Cardi B Teaches Basic Anatomy in Dangerously Thirsty NSFW Video During Billboard Music Awards
All The Can't Miss Moments from Inside the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

The "I Like It" rapper also gives a shout-out to her daughter and finds time to yell at her fans during the broadcast.

Cardi B had a wild night at the Billboard Music Awards. She had multiple wins, gave a sweet shout-out to her daughter and even got to yell at her fans, but all of that was nothing compared to what she did between her show appearances.

Viewers of the broadcast might have noticed that the "I Like It" singer had a few wardrobe changes throughout the night. But Cardi's social media followers got an eyeful of a whole lot more, as the rapper shared an extremely NSFW video with a pointed anatomy lesson during one of those changes. She later deleted it (or it was pulled down), but it can still be found on social media if you look hard enough.

Let's just say that some people have been of the opinion that Cardi showed a little more than she intended when lifting her leg on the red carpet, and it apparently bothered her. In fact, she said that people have even taken it further by Photoshopping pics of her and making them far more graphic than reality. So she set the record straight wearing nothing more than a tiny thong.

In the short clip, Cardi lifted her leg again and broke down where all of her various anatomical parts are so people would know what is and isn't showing at any particular moment.

"This right here, the part that shows when I go like this," she said, giving her leg an extra lift. "That's just my ass." From there, things got very graphic and very NSFW so watch at your own peril!

She concluded her lesson with a declaration to everyone trying so hard to undress her with their eyes and Photoshop. "Y'all wanna look at [me] so bad, y'all should of went and seen me when I was a motherf--king stripper!"

The rapper was all fired up on the air, too, giving her fans that famous trill, plenty of laughter and even yelling at them at one point while accepting the award for Best Rap Song. It came when she started fumbling over her words a little bit and the audience just kept screaming.

"Wait a minute, lemme finish my speech, goddamit!" she shouted with a laugh. "I know y'all love me."

Later in the night, she gave a shout-out to her daughter during another acceptance speech, this one for her collaboration with Maroon 5. "I remember when Maroon 5 hit me up to do this song, I was like, 'Bro, I'm five months pregnant, I can't even breathe.'"

But then she heard "Girls Like You" and it didn't matter anymore. "This record to me was so amazing, I was like, Oh, this is gonna be a hit. Now I sing this song to my daughter because she's the girl that I need."

And don't worry, if you're not completely clear on how her daughter came into this world, just track down Cardi's extremely, extremely NSFW Instagram video. It's all covered there in exhaustive detail.

Did we mention it's NSFW? Yeah, not just for graphic imagery, but Cardi actually outdoes herself with graphic language. Consider yourself warned and you'll still probably be a little surprised.

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