Debra Messing Hits Back at Facelift and Nose Job Rumors After Posting These Selfies
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She also thanks a fan for pointing out the focus should be on the cause she was celebrating, not her appearance.

Debra Messing was trying to highlight the activism of organization Do Something on Instagram earlier this week, but all anyone could focus on was the actress' face.

The "Will & Grace" star hit back at followers commenting on her appearance, after a pair of selfies meant to show support for the non-profit sparked criticism.

Before stepping out to DoSomething’s Gala in New York City, she posted the two photos with the caption, "Thank you @dosomething for the extraordinary honor of being named one of your 2019 Empower Players. I am committed to supporting all efforts by the countless activists who fight daily to make our world healthier, safer, and more equitable. #dosomething."

Almost immediately, followers began asking whether she had recent plastic surgery.

"New nose?" asked one. "Nope," she responded, "Genius shading by the expert makeup artist."

"Did you have a facelift?" asked another. Messing's response: NOPE! Getting tons of facials at [esthetician Joanna Vargas] and using every gadget on the market."

When another said they didn't "recognize" her anymore, she added, "I always have eyeliner on the bottom of my eyes to make them look bigger."

Thankfully, it wasn't all comments about her looks, with Messing praising one follower who pointed out that shouldn't be the focus of the post. "Lovely, but a little sad this is a post about a cause and most of the comments are on your eye makeup," the fan wrote.

Messing responded with a big "THANK YOU."

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