The Heartbreaking Final Day on the 'Big Bang Theory' Set

The "Detective Pikachu" star and Jimmy Fallon got absolutely soaked in disgusting game where Reynolds learned importance of keeping your mouth closed.

Ryan Reynolds is game for just about anything, but tasting Jimmy Fallon's childhood might not have been particularly high on his list. Nevertheless, he signed up for the newest "Tonight Show" game, Spit-Take Roulette.

The rules are simple enough, but the results are absolutely disgusting. Even worse if you're Ryan Reynolds and you just can't seem to keep your mouth closed.

In front of him and Jimmy were a dozen cups filled with liquid. Five of them contained water, the other seven random things that are not water. All you have to do is find the water and you can spit it all over your opponent's face. Find anything else and you have to drink it.

At first, the game seemed totally rigged as it was spit-take after spit-take, and every time Ryan took it in the face, he couldn't believe his mouth was open. "I can taste your childhood in my mouth," He told Jimmy after that first shot. "That’s just so disturbing."

As the game progressed, they finally found other drinks like apple juice, ginger ale, Tang, Gatorade and even gin. Jimmy got that one, quickly shaking it off and asking, "How many more of these are gin, because I have the whole rest of the show to do?

Finally, it came down to four cups: two of them water and two of them not. Check out the video to see who won and then wonder, like they did, why they went with simple laboratory glasses over full goggles. Let's just say when you're being sprayed in the face with a savory combination of water and human saliva, glasses alone aren't going to do much to protect the eyes.

An open mouth does little to protect from tasting and swallowing, either, Ryan!

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