'Game of Thrones' Cast Rocks the Red Carpet for Final Season Premiere

We say RIP to a dragon and Dany's closest confidants ... while everyone freaks out over a latte.

The battle for the Iron Throne made its way to King's Landing on Sunday night's "Game of Thrones," where a few last-minute shockers set the stage for an all-out battle between Dany and Cersei's armies.

The 80-minute episode began with the fallout from the Battle of Winterfell, with the survivors all saying goodbye to those lost in the fight against the Night King. What followed was a series of celebratory moments, as everyone in the North plotted their next moves to gain control of the Seven Kingdoms ... and got busy.

The latest installment also set off a lot of online outrage, especially regarding the show's ongoing treatment of its female characters and people of color.

Keep reading to see what really popped on social media during and after the episode aired.

Outrage Over Writing for Women and PoC

There were a number of moments from Sunday's episode that sparked major criticism of the show's writers, creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss.

The first scene to get major backlash was Sansa telling The Hound that the rape and torture she endured from Ramsay Bolton only made her stronger, once again playing into a trope the show has struggled with for some time.

The episode was also criticized for putting one of the few women of color, Nathalie Emmanuel's Missandei, back in chains and using her death as a plot device for Dany... and for making Brienne, one of the series' strongest characters, cry over Jaime Lannister.

Dany Becoming the Mad Queen?

As Dany inches closer to the throne, she also seems to be inching closer to her own father's fate as the "Mad King." After Missandei's murder at the hands of Cersei, she seems driven toward rage more than ever and it could be her undoing.

This latest development is a divisive one among fans, as some want to see her burn King's Landing to the ground after what happened to her right hand woman, dragon Rhaegal and both the Dothraki and Unsullied armies ... while others don't think it fits with how the character has evolved over the previous seasons.

Sansa Can't Keep Secrets

Sansa really doesn't want to see Dany sit upon the Iron Throne and is ready to spill whatever secrets necessary to prevent it from happening.

After both she and Arya promised Jon they wouldn't tell anyone about his true identity as Aegon Targaryen, she did just that. Not only was it a secret that her dad had no problem keeping for years, but one that, if it picks up steam, could make Jon the true ruler of King's Landing ... something he doesn't even want.

Jon Ghosts Ghost

After surviving the Battle of Winterfell, Jon's direwolf, Ghost, was sent off to the North to live with Tormund and the rest of the wildlings. He believes it's where his pooch -- now rocking a torn ear -- truly belongs.

Making Ghost's exit all the more heartfbreaking: Jon never pet the dog goodbye ... and simply, well, ghosted him.

Gendry Proposes

In one of the show's lighter moments, Dany named Gendry a true Baratheon and made him Lord of Storm's End. While this move was more in her best interest's than anything else, it gave Gendry the courage to ask for Arya's hand in marriage.

She, however, turned him down and said she'd never be a "Lady." Speaking to The Hound, she later made it clear she's heading to King's Landing with no intention of ever returning.

Jaime Bails on Brienne

However you feel about Brienne of Tarth losing her virginity to Jaime Lannister, that was made all the more messy when he decided to bail on Winterfell and what could have been a good relationship to return to Cersei in King's Landing.

Did he break Brienne's heart to keep her from following him? Does he truly still have feelings for his sister ... or does he have something else (i.e., her murder) in mind? We'll see.

Will Euron Figure It Out?

Euron proved he's an excellent warrior for Cersei by taking out one of Dany's dragons ... but can he do simple mathematics?

Last night's episode showed Greyjoy being told he's going to be a father to a future king, something viewers know is not actually the case. While Euron thinks he knocked up Cersei, that baby is really Jaime's and Tyrion may have just blown her cover story.

Showing up at King's Landing, Cersei's brother tried to talk her out of fighting Dany by appealing to her maternal side. "You've always loved your children more than yourself," he said. "I beg you if not for yourself then for your child. Your reign is over, but that doesn't mean your life has to end. It doesn't mean your baby has to die."

Considering Tyrion hasn't been around King's Landing for a bit of time, he shouldn't know she's expecting ... unless the pregnancy happened a while ago. Think Euron will pick up on this?

That Starbucks Cup

Last, but certainly not least, Starbucks was trending all night after a coffee cup showed up in a scene at Winterfell. Whoops!

"Game of Thrones" airs Sundays on HBO.

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