Kail Lowry 'Disgusted and Appalled' Over Death of Jenelle Evans' Dog, Gets Backlash for Speaking Out
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Jenelle's "Teen Mom 2" costar takes a stance and gets shaded for it on social media.

Kail Lowry, one of Jenelle Evans' costars on MTV's "Teen Mom 2," has condemned David Eason for killing the family's dog.

In a statement posted to both Twitter and Instagram on Sunday, Lowry said she was both "heartbroken and sickened" by the "murder" of the French Bulldog, Nugget. After taking a stand against his actions, however, Lowry found herself defending her own words from fans.

"I have refrained from commenting on the disturbing situation involving David Eason and Jenelle Evans while I wrapped my head around the murder of Nugget," her statement began.

"To say I am disgusted and appalled over David's actions doesn't begin to touch on my true feelings," she continued. "I want to make it clear that neither myself or my company, Pothead Haircare, condone violence against animals. Being the owner of dogs myself, I am heartbroken and sickened by what happened to Nugget."

She added, "I hope that Jenelle and her children are safe and take the necessary steps to get the help that is clearly needed."

While a solid stance against what happened, Lowry was criticized for bringing her haircare company into the situation. When one fan accused her of just trying to promote her company, she replied: "Unfortunately I have received many complains both personally and via my company for not speaking out regarding this situation. So yes, this needed to be said."

As she continued to get backlash, Lowry hit back on social media.

"Let's make one thing clear, if I wanted to 'plug my company' I would. I don't need a tragedy to do so," she wrote on Instagram, a sentiment she echoed on Twitter. "I really am damned if I do and damned if I don't."

In another tweet many of her followers believe was aimed at Jenelle, Kail also posted this message on Monday morning: "You can tell a person to leave someone until you're blue in the face & at the end of the day they're still gona do what they want. So let them. Support them through it or don't."