Every Time the Kardashians Shut It Down at the Met Gala

J-Law makes a dig at Khloe and Scott, before Kim Kardashian stresses over studying to become a lawyer.

The woman behind Nori's Black Book -- a viral parody Instagram account written entirely in the voice of Kim Kardashian's sassy 5-year-old daughter -- is bringing her talents to TooFab.

Each week, "Nori" will be recapping new episodes of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and giving us HER take on all the family drama.

(NOTE: The below was not actually written by North West.)

Sunday's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardshians" started with Auntie Kourt and the Disick kids doing some fine dining at what I'm assuming is a Sizzlers. It was so fantastic to see how well Auntie Kourtney and Mason are co-parenting Reign and Penelope. Auntie Kourt couldn't believe how quickly Mason has matured.

At Auntie Khloe's house Scott brought an easel for her so she could continue to paint her masterpieces (ala Art Vandelay). Randomly, Auntie Khloe took her shirt and bra off to paint. These people really can't function with clothes on.

In the midst of painting, Scott and Auntie Khloe Facetimed Kris, but Academy Award winning actress and Kardashian groupie Jennifer Lawrence answered the phone instead. She has won an Oscar and has kissed Bradley Cooper, but I'm pretty sure that making an appearance on our show is the highlight of her life. After Facetiming with Jennifer, Auntie Khloe painted a couple of pictures, including a horrible portrait of Auntie Kourt. Scott has the idea to take Auntie Khloe's paintings to a fine art appraiser because he thinks they can make income from her paintings. Hey Scott, you know how else you can make income? By getting a job.

See Lawrence's cameo below:

Later at our house, mommy was reading letters she received from current inmates looking to be exonerated. Kris came over and wanted to know what was mommy's process for selecting cases to pursue. Mommy said that if she sees something that moves her and deserves a real shot she sends the case to her attorneys to look over it and make sure it's legitimate. Mommy says that after helping Alice Marie Johnson, she is really motivated to get to know the law more and fight for people that deserve a second chance. Kris is super proud of her. Probably because she thinks she's going to get 10% of her lawyer fees.

Next, Scott got Auntie Khloe's art appraised and the feedback was pretty harsh. The appraiser said that the artist (Auntie Khloe) is very talented at making distasteful paintings. He also said that a 3-year-old could've done a better job and that the art is worth less than the materials used to make it. This feedback was pretty similar to the feedback I gave her for Good American jeans.

In the next scene, mommy had dinner with someone we casted as a 'friend' to tell her how amazing and smart she is on camera. During the dinner Mommy said she learned from a top prison reform attorney, Jessica Jackson, about an apprenticeship she can do in the state of California that allows her to bypass law school and she can still become a lawyer. Jessica has offered to be mommy's teacher for law school. Mommy said her goal is to give up Kim K. in 10 years and just focus on being an attorney and fight for people. The casted friend stayed on script and continued to tell her how amazing she is for another 15 minutes.

Later, at Auntie Kourt's house, Auntie Kourt tells Auntie Khloe she was offered to do two GQ covers, one for Mexico City and one for Latin America. Auntie Kourt would have to attend a GQ party on Halloween in Mexico to promote the magazine, but she wants to spend Halloween with Mason because he is starting to age out of Halloween. She doesn't think any work opportunities is worth missing time with him. Must be nice to be able to turn down work to go Trick-or-Treating. When the Disicks turn 18, she's going to have to find a new excuse for not working. Fortunately for her, GQ was understanding of her wanting to spend Halloween with Mason and she was able to do the covers and spend time with him.

Scott and Auntie Khloe went to lunch to discuss the appraisal. Scott had to break it to her that the appraisal didn't go well. However, Scott didn’t feel like the appraiser was the most knowledgeable. Scott said they need to take Auntie Khloe's art into their own hands and sell it themselves. Auntie Khloe just doesn't thinks she’s there yet. We clearly have run out of storylines.

Mommy flew to San Francisco for her apprenticeship. She goes every week to learn and study for her law school exams. DadYe and I went with her one time. I mean if she's becoming a lawyer, let's all become one!

Later, Autie Kourt and The Disick kids went to the Watts Empowerment Center to donate toys that I donated to them. It's great to see them giving back!

Back at our house, Mommy is venting to DadYe about how stressful her schedule is now that she has added law school. She's worried about taking time from the family. DadYe tells her that she just needs to manage her time. Once she does that she can give her time to everything and everyone that needs it. DadYe was really supportive because he said that mommy can help him get out of his future contracts he plans on breaching. I advised her to be a divorce lawyer. The family could save so much money.

Later, Auntie Khloe found out that Kris and Scott posted her art on social media and asked for the highest bidder. Scott said he was getting a lot of offers of thousands of dollars. Auntie Khloe and Scott think they're onto something and they can create their own market for art. Kris and Scott even kick it up a notch when they decide to go to an art class. Have you ever seen people so desperate to have a talent? It's getting embarrassing.

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