Jonas Brothers Get Emotional Over Breakup in Trailer for Documentary 'Chasing Happiness'
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"There were moments I thought, 'They'll never speak to me again,'" Nick tells the cameras.

Jonas Brothers fans better "Hold On" and grab their tissues because this is an "S.O.S."

In the first trailer for the boy band's documentary "Chasing Happiness," which dropped Thursday, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas recount their rise to fame, the abrupt breakup in 2013 that shocked the world and their "second chance" and reunion as a band.

"'Chasing Happiness' goes beyond the headlines and behind the scenes, as they build their own successful lives and careers outside of the band, and ultimately rebuild their relationships as siblings and rekindle a musical spark that inspires their upcoming album, 'Happiness Begins,'" the press release states.

The two-minute clip highlights never-before-seen footage of the JoBros' humble beginnings back in New Jersey as a family who loved music but struggled to make ends meet -- until the band's creation in 2005. After being dropped from their label, the Jonas Brothers received a call from Disney and then absolutely exploded.

"And it was just nonstop from there," Nick says in a confessional, as throwback footage of the band -- and their screaming fans -- flashes across the screen. "We had no idea how big the band was getting," Kevin adds.

However, the trailer changes tone midway as it addresses the group's shocking split in 2013. "Nick says, 'The Jonas Brothers' should be no more," Kevin sadly tells the cameras. "What hurt the most is that it came from Nick," Joe adds, while beginning to choke up. "He is my best friend."

"There were moments I thought, 'They'll never speak to me again,'" Nick emotionally relays in a confessional. "I love my brothers to death."

As the clip shows bits of Nick's solo career, Joe's time with DNCE and Kevin's life as a father, the band's manager, Phil Mcintyre, explains how the brothers had to "grow apart" in order to "gain perspective."

"I found that success isn't always tied to fame and fortune. I really want to have a second chance with them," Nick says as the trailer highlights Nick's wedding to Priyanka Chopra, Kevin with his wife Danielle and Joe snuggling with now-wife Sophie Turner.

The video highlights the brothers reconnecting as they traveled around the world for a year, including trips to Australia and Cuba. "It wasn't about the money, it wasn't about the fame," Kevin says. It was, 'Hey brothers, do you want to do something awesome again together?'"

Watch the video in the clip above. Along with the documentary, the Jonas Brothers have a new album "Happiness Begins" out June 7, and just announced their tour.

"Chasing Happiness" launches on Amazon Prime Video June 4.

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