Kourtney Kardashian Surprises Kris Jenner with Bombshell Update on Kim's Surrogate -- Labor!
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Kourtney came out to surprise her mother with her own kids and Kim's because Kim was at the hospital with her surrogate, who'd gone into labor.

UPDATE 5/9/10 at 9:07am PT: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their fourth child, via surrogate. She confirmed the news on social media:

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Kris Jenner is poised to have one of the best Mother's Days of her life, and Ellen DeGeneres and her audience were there to share in the festivities.

In a monumental surprise, Ellen surprised Kris with six of her grandkids and her eldest daughter Kourtney, adorably trying and failing to corral the rambunctious youngsters. But it wasn't even all her beautiful grandchildren that surprised Kris the most, because Kourtney also came bearing news.

"Mom doesn’t even know this, but Kim’s surrogate went into labor, so she’s at the hospital," Kourtney said, explaining why Kim also wasn't there, even though her children were.

"What are we doing sitting here?" Kris asked in shock and excitement. It was an adorable reunion, and a moment that came toward the end of her traditional Mother's Day interview with Ellen, filmed on Thursday and set to air Friday.

The highlight of the whole exchange had to be Kourtney's son Reign, though, who was in a world of his own throughout the entire interview. He also talked nonstop and it was some of the most adorably random nonsense you've ever heard.

At one point, when Kourtney was trying over and over to get out the big news about Kim, she tried to rein in her son to just get a moment. "Reigny, can you chill?" she asked.

"Nope, 'cause I'm a zombie!" Reign exclaimed. At another point, he abruptly grabbed his cousin Saint, saying, "This human is adorable."

Kris tried bribing him with cake to be quiet, only to get hit back with, "Okay, but I need candy."

Honestly, it seemed like maybe he'd already found all the candy on Ellen's set and scarfed it down. By the close of the chat, he'd exclaimed, "I'm done with this conversation." But after hearing the news about Kim, we're pretty sure Kris was, too.

Earlier in the broadcast, Kris opened up about her own love of being pregnant and giving birth with Ellen's audience of women all pregnant for the first time. "For me, I just enjoyed from the moment I got pregnant -- and I knew every time I was pregnant, I just knew -- and then I just loved giving birth, I loved--"

"What do you love about giving birth?" Ellen interrupted.

"Well, the epidural," Kris replied with a laugh.

Check out the whole conversation below, including Kris' paranoia that Ellen was going to scare her and her dirty plans for the scrubs Ellen got her with a built-in GoPro for capturing all those live birth moments.

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