Rebel Wilson on Inappropriately Touching Co-Stars Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy
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"The Hustle" star admits she "maybe like deliberately forgot" to tell Hathaway before touching her breast, but Hardy got it much worse.

Rebel Wilson will fully confess that she broke film etiquette when filming "The Hustle" with Anne Hathaway, but it went much worse for Tom Hardy.

The Hathaway moment came in a scene Jimmy Kimmel previewed from "The Hustle" where Rebel was playing blind for a con. She came up to a poker table and upon groping Anne called her, "Sir." That was the joke, and Anne played it perfectly straight.

"Like, I should have told her about it," Rebel admitted after watching the playback. "'Cause there's a thing, actors etiquette. If you have to kiss somebody, you have a breath mint and you don't eat fish for lunch, that kind of thing. And if you're going to touch somebody inappropriately, you have to tell them before the take and say, 'Is it alright if I do this to you?'"

"But I forgot in that [case]. Maybe like deliberately forgot," she concluded with a devious smile.

Rebel had nothing but kind things to say about her co-star in the "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" remake, calling her "awesome" and "great" and "down to earth" in between rounds of very subtle trashing. It was a hilarious round of, "She's great, but--"

As for that impromptu breast touch, Rebel confessed that this wasn't her first time inappropriately touching a co-star, either, though her fans won't be able to find this scene anywhere.

"It was one of my first movies in America, which I actually was cut out of," Rebel explained.

The film was "This Means War," starring Tom hardy and Reese Witherspoon, and it was poor Tom who fell victim to the assault. That said, as Rebel explained it, this one wasn't in the "maybe like deliberately forgot" category.

Either her director was messing with her ... or Tom ... or both, or the director really wanted an honest reaction from his star.

"My first day on set, the director said, 'When you enter the scene, I want you to just stick your finger up Tom Hardy's butt. Just like really-- just surprise him,'" Rebel said.

At the time, she said she wasn't yet aware of the actors etiquette for scenes like that, so she took the direction. "I just did it," she said. "He gave a really realistic shocked expression. And then he didn't talk to me."

As Kimmel's audience reacted, too, Rebel clarified, "He was wearing pants, so I couldn't go all the way up."

The real question, though, is why Rebel was cut from the film. Did it have to do with this scene? Was he so disturbed by it, Tom demanded it get cut? Did someone demand Rebel get cut because of it? Probably not, but if that was his first time meeting her, we'd kill to be a fly on the wall for their first reunion after it.

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