The Most Savage Celebrity Clapbacks

"That is, without question, the single most upsetting thing I think you could ever say about me or my family."

Dragons aren't "Game of Thrones" biggest menace — it's trolls.

James Corden had to deal with one on Monday night, after a Twitter user wished cancer upon his son for posting a "spoiler".

During his opening monologue, "The Late Late Show" host was riffing about escalating tensions between the US and China, and joked it may end up with Donald Trump "riding on the back of a dragon and torching the entire economy" — photoshopping a picture of the President atop Drogon as he burned King's Landing to the ground.

Despite the fact that the photo only flashed up for a second, and without context, it was enough to warrant a terminal illness for a child, according to one "fan".

"It's f--ked up you can’t even watch TV without a fat f--k spoiling something... Luckily I got to see it before this, but seriously I hope his kid gets cancer," the follower wrote.

Against common internet guidelines, Corden engaged with the troll.

"That is, without question, the single most upsetting thing I think you could ever say about me or my family," he responded. "Please take a minute and think about what you just wrote and whether you want to be a person who publicly says such things. I believe you’re better than that x"

The follower — who admitted in his original tweet that he'd already seen the episode and thus it wasn't even a spoiler — shot back: "It was a joke, you know like this segment was."

Corden then gently and decisively shut him down a second time: "Well I saw your hope for my son. My hope for yours is that they never get to read that their mother or father would wish cancer on any child as 'a joke'. Because however you defend it to them, they'll never be able to understand how you could do such a thing. Night x"

The Twitter user's account was suspended shortly afterward.

Corden is a father of three: eight-year-old son Max, and daughters Carey, four, and Charlotte, one.

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