Paris Hilton Trashes Lindsay Lohan, Calls Her 'Lame' and 'Embarrassing'
'This Is Us' Cast Among Stars at Upfront Party

Paris Hilton did not hold back during a game of Plead the Fifth on "Watch What Happens Live," also dishing on Miley Cyrus making out rumor and more.

UPDATE 5/16/19 at 8:25am PT: The shade goes both ways, as Lohan's rep released a statement to Us saying, "Obviously, Paris needs to feel relevant and is desperate for attention." Original story below.

Paris Hilton still doesn't have anything nice to say about Lindsay Lohan, even if Andy Cohen tried to make it look that way during a candid game of Plead the Fifth.

The reality star dropped by "Watch What Happens Live" where she proved she's not afraid to speak her mind about her former partying gal pal.

Andy kicked off Plead the Fifth by asking her if she could say three nice things about Lindsay, so he was clearly digging. After a very long pause, she finally said that Lindsay "is beyond," with a wicked smile on her face.

"That's good. That's pretty nice for you to say she's beyond," Andy said hopefully.

But that's not what Paris was going for, as evidenced by her next two choice words: "lame" and "embarrassing." It's just the latest blow in an ongoing feud that doesn't seem to show any signs of fading.

In July 2018, Paris jumped into the comments of a fan-made video compilation that showed clips of Lindsay at turns insulting Paris and then denying those very insults in later interviews. "Pathological liar," she responded to it.

Paris proved that she still knows how to stir up the gossip and keep it flowing later in the segment by giving a "maybe" response when asked about those rumors of her making out with Miley Cyrus.

That story dates back to late 2014 when Miley was out with then-boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger in Miami and Fox411 revealed they ran into the hotel heiress at a club where Miley and Paris were seen making out.

But while Paris knows a thing or two about gossip and creating great drama, don't expect to see her on "The Real Housewives" anytime soon. When asked, she pointedly replied, "First of all, I'm not a housewife; I'm not married. I probably never will be."

But she did reveal what her tagline would be, and we'll give you one guess ... and it should be zero guesses. Of course it would be, "That's hot."

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