Halle Berry Brought Sexy Back at the 'John Wick 3' Premiere

The "John Wick 3" co-stars were asked simple things like naming the most overrated star in Hollywood right now, and who they'd never want to work with again.

An impossible situation by any standard, but made even worse when you add in such delicacies as turkey testicles, cow tongue and bull's penis. And yet, it was absolutely hilarious watching Halle Berry and Anjelica Huston face it.

In "The Late Late Show's" Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, James Corden and his guests are faced with a simple choice: answer impossible questions, or consume bitterly disgusting things. It helps the guests stomach it that Corden is right in the thick of it with them.

Almost as thick as that cow blood and pork tongue jelly. Corden got that one for one of his questions. With three people playing, Corden was asking Huston questions, who in turn got to torture Berry. And these questions were brutal.

But what makes the segment work is when you have participants who are game to really dig into ... honestly, either side of the whole thing. The questions are such that if they're willing to answer them, what incredibly fun and juicy gossip we all get to enjoy together.

If they can't bring themselves to trash, say, the one actor they'd never work with again, we get to watch them as they squirm their way through something truly awful. And for some reason, that never really gets old.

For the record, Huston was totally confident giving that last question to Berry, telling her, "Oh, you'll be able to do this." Just trash some actor you've worked with. No big deal. Or perhaps those fine turkey testicles in front of you?

Berry confessed that there were actually two people on the list, but she ultimately opted for disgusting over exposing. That said, she did offer some tantalizing clues.

One of them "used to be" famous, but "not so much anymore. He went to jail." The other is "super-duper famous" and "not too tall." But anyone who knows anything about Hollywood knows that ... doesn't really narrow it down that much.

Cow's tongue made the round from Corden and then right over to Huston after he successfully avoided eating it by answering who was the drunkest at the 2019 Met Gala. He named himself, but blamed a drinking game with Jimmy Fallon.

Anjelica, on the other hand, was asked to name a current actor or actress who's overrated. Yikes!

Finally, after one bit, she declared, "This is the worst game I've ever had to play in my entire life. I'm ready to eat the flowers." And then she totally did, just as a palette cleanser.

But perhaps the biggest surprise of the night came when Berry was staring down the barrel of some beetle nachos and Huston asked her, "Have you ever realized a movie was going to be bad while filming it?"

Berry decided to take a stab at answering it, because, "I'm just talking shit about myself." But halfway through her answer -- "The Rich Man's Wife" -- she realized she was also kind of dogging the entire cast and crew of the film, as well as its female director, to whom she apologized.

"I'm sorry Amy Holden; she was the director and I'm not trying to bash my female directors," Berry said, "But I kind of knew it wasn't going to be the greatest cinematic experience for the people." She continued, "You go into these movies always with the best intentions, no one wants to make a bad movie ... and then sometimes you get onto set and you realize, was I high when I agreed to this? Was I smoking crack?"

For the last question, James was forced to choose between Huston or Berry when asked which one he'd be willing to never have back on his show. Adorably, Huston was willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of his stomach. "You can let me go. You can keep Halle. I volunteer," she said. But did he take her up on it? Watch the video above.

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