Ellen and Reese Witherspoon Fight Over Jennifer Aniston, Call Her to Settle Who's the True BFF
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"I need to settle this once and for all," Ellen tells her audience.

We all know Jennifer Aniston has no shortage of Friends. But who's the best one?

The star settled the question, at least when it comes to whether Ellen DeGeneres or Reese Witherspoon is the better pal.

While appearing on "The Ellen Show" Monday, Witherspoon and the daytime host threw jabs at one another as they argued over who was closer friends with Aniston. And to set the record straight, Ellen called Aniston on the phone.

It all began when Ellen brought up dancing with Witherspoon at Aniston's recent 50th birthday party. "We always have the best time together," Witherspoon said.

"Do you think you and I have a better time together than you and Jen?" Ellen asked and Witherspoon replied, "Well, Jen and I know each other better because we're really really, really good friends and we just finished our television show that we have coming out together, it's called the 'Morning Show.'"

Ellen then hit back and said Aniston told her she "needed a break" from Witherspoon and was "glad" they no longer had to work together.

Witherspoon addressed the elephant in the room and asked Ellen, "Are you saying you're better friends with Jen than me?"

"I don't need to say it, it's obvious," Ellen said. "A lot of people know that."

After more of the back and forth continued, Witherspoon eventually said it's alright for the two of them to fight over Oprah, but not Aniston.

Ellen would not let it go. Later in the show, after Reese left the stage, she said she need to "settle this once and for all." She then grabbed her phone and called Aniston. It first went to voicemail. However, according to Ellen, Aniston texted her and said she was working out and for Ellen to call her again. The talk show host hit up Aniston again and this time, she answered.

After exchanging greetings, Ellen asked, "So Reese Witherspoon... she somehow thinks that she and you are better friends than you and I are, and I just wanna settle this once and for all that you and I are better friends than Reese and you."

"Yes honey, we've cleared this up. Haven't we?" an out of breath Aniston said. "Yes darling...that's based on almost 30 years of knowing each other."

"So it's done, thank you. Bye!" Ellen responded and then told her audience, "I want to thank Reese Witherspoon who unfortunately is not as close to Jennifer Aniston as I am and Jennifer Aniston, one of my very best friends."

Sorry, Reese!

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