'RHONY' Recap: Dorinda Medley Finally Explodes on 'Rude' Ramona Singer
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"You wouldn't let me speak!" Ramona says, which Dorinda meets with, "Well then get stronger, honey!"

Wednesday's episode of "The Real Housewives of New York" -- like most -- was exhausting.

The episode picked up with Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny Frankel finishing up their screaming match from last week before hugging it out. After prying a "cheap" apology out of Luann for questioning her parenting, Bethenny decided to let bygones be bygones. That's honestly what you have to do with these women.

Throughout the episode, Ramona actually opened up about her abusive past. (Her father used to beat her mother and purposefully left Ramona nothing in his will.) Bethenny and Dorinda Medley were particularly touched Ramona was able to open up without needing to. They felt it was refreshing getting to know that vulnerable side of her in a way that wasn't simply justifying her rude behavior.

But because Ramona simply can't help herself, Dorinda's warm and fuzzy feelings toward her faded by the end of the episode.

Still in Upstate New York, the ladies were having a nice breakfast at Luann's new home in Kingstown -- a city that Ramona had just trashed the night before. (Reminder: She also had a birthday celebration with her other group of friends without inviting anyone from "RHONY.") The ladies were reaching their breaking points. Dorinda especially.

A few of the women started telling Lu they were going to head out. Bethenny said she had to pick up her daughter in a few hours, and Dorinda said she had to get back to the city to run some errands and regroup. The moment Ramona put up even a little bit of a fight, Dorinda snapped.

"We got here yesterday at 11:30. You got here at 5," she said loudly, standing up from the couch. "Don't give that attitude. You got here late. You're doing this to me."

While Dorinda made her best "Ramona face," Ramona insisted she was giving Dorin "no attitude."

"What did you just do?! Did you not see it?!" Dorinda asked the ladies, who all agreed Ramona had grimaced.

"I don't get defensive! You don't like when I react to what you present to me!" Dorinda shouted. "When you say something or do something and I react to it, don't be surprised. If you put a fire on my hand and I say, 'Ouch,' don't be surprised! That's what I don't like, is the, 'Why are you acting like that?'"

Dorinda then brought up that painfully awkward moment they exchanged (in front of everyone) at the domestic violence charity event a few episodes back, and things got even louder.

"When you do this to me (insert Dorinda making her Ramona face again), you don't know what I'm reacting to?!" Dorinda continued. "That doesn't sing 'Happy Birthday' to me. I love you!" (Whatever that means.)

"We're not connected at the hip! You can stay! You can go for a swim in the Hudson. Have a ball!" Dorinda continued as her arms flailed.

Sonja Morgan blurted out, "If she's gonna take a swim in the Hudson, put a brick on that chain! Do it Italian style!"

The conversation then turned back to why did Dorinda interrupt Ramona, and why did Ramona reprimand her while in front of all those people.

After imitating what Ramona's initial invitation call to her was like (including the part when she claims Ramona urged her not to bring John), Dorinda called Ramona "rude" multiple times while waving her finger in her face.

"You wouldn't let me speak!" Ramona said, which Dorinda met with, "Well then get stronger, honey!"

Cue Dorinda imitating Ramona...again.

See? We told you. Exhausting.

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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