Leslie Jones Trashes Trump for Calling Jussie Smollett Case Hate Crime Against 'MAGA Country'
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The "SNL" star feels the president should be far more worried about "millions of women ... losing the rights to their own bodies."

Leslie Jones is not here for President Trump calling the Jussie Smollett case a hate crime against his supporters, and she didn't mince words about it.

The "Saturday Night Live" star snapped a shot of Trump's recent tweet regarding the beleaguered former "Empire" star and added a pretty heated caption of her own regarding the series of states that have passed laws severely restricting women's reproductive rights.

She even redefined MAGA in what initially looked like a typo.

"‪You about the dumbest piece of shit ever!!" Jones captioned Trump's tweet. "You worried about MAGO COUNTRY, WHILE MILLIONS OF WOMEN ARE LOSING THEIR RIGHTS TO THEIR OWN BODIES!!"

She then targeted Trump's love of fast food and called for his impeachment in a NSFW hashtag. Her second hashtag explains that MAGO was no error, as she claims it's "short for maggot."

While all the charges have been dropped against Smollett, there remains uncertainty in many quarters as to whether or not he faked a hate crime against himself. The actor claims he was attacked by two men who shouted "This is MAGA Country."

But further investigations by the Chicago P.D. suggested Smollett may have hired his trainers to orchestrate the whole thing in an attempt to leverage Fox and "Empire" producers for a raise on the hit show. Ultimately, the charges were dropped and Smollett's case was sealed, meaning the public will never know what investigators uncovered.

City officials continue to maintain Smollett's guilt. Smollett maintains his innocence and stands by his initial story. He was written out of the final episodes of "Empire" this past season and is not expected to return for its upcoming final run of episodes.

Jones' concerns about women losing rights to their own bodies stems from laws passed in Georgia, Alabama and Missouri that have severely restricted women's ability to get abortions. For the most part, these laws are unconstitutional, but that appears to be the point.

In signing her state's abortion restrictions into law, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey admitted that she felt it was too restrictive, but she was signing it because she wanted to see it challenged all the way to the Supreme Court in hopes the now conservative-leaning highest court might overturn Roe v. Wade.

Aready these laws are being challenged, but for Leslie Jones and many women, these tactics are an attack on them, on their autonomy and -- as many protesters have demonstrated in familiar crimson garb -- a step closer toward the dystopian reality of Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale."

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