Mod Sun Threatens to Sell Ex Bella Thorne's Stuff on eBay (Exclusive)
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He also insisted he would not get back together with her.

Collect your things -- or buy em back online!

That was Mod Sun's message to ex Bella Thorne when he spoke exclusively to TooFab about the break-up on Tuesday night.

"It's at the storage unit, the Mod Sun storage unit... I figured if she doesn't get it soon I'm gonna have a really, really poppin e-Bay site," he (hopefully) joked to us in LA.

Turning serious for a moment, the rapper insisted he would not rekindle the romance with the actress, who announced the split last month after a year of dating.

"The future is so unpredictable, but at this point, I'm doing SO well... So I can't, I can't," he said, pointing out the last time he appeared on camera he was in a "totally different place, like, really bad".

He also revealed that Tuesday marked 17 days sober for him.

"17 days today, I haven't put a drug or alcohol in my body, and I've never felt this good, ever," he said.

"I think there's something going around in the air right now, period, especially in this town, people are really starting to care more about themselves and their future," he added, "and I'm one of those people."

He applauded Kit Harington for checking into a wellness center. And he urged anyone going through a substance abuse problem to give detox a chance.

"The best thing I heard recently was if I keep saying 'poor me, poor me', I'm going to 'pour me' another drink. That's what changed it all for me; I'm done with the 'pour me' — I surrendered, and it'll work out for anyone who's going through that."

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