MTV Revokes Jason Mitchell Nomination as 'The Chi' Showrunner Breaks Silence on Misconduct Allegations
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In recent weeks, the "Straight Outta Compton" star has been dropped by Netflix's "Desperados," his agent, manager, lawyer and his TV series.

As the saga of "Straight Outta Compton" star Jason Mitchell's alleged misconduct on multiple productions continues to unfold, MTV has revoked the former "The Chi" star's nomination for Best Performance in a Show at the upcoming "2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards."

This development comes as "The Chi" showrunner breaks her silence regarding ongoing allegations of sexual misconduct on the set of the Showtime series throughout Mitchell's two-season run on the show. He was recently dropped from the forthcoming third season after allegations of "off-set" misconduct surfaced from Netflix's upcoming comedy "Desperados."

The actor was dropped from the Netflix production in late April, followed quickly by his agent, manager and legal representation, and finally his television show.

"The Chi" showrunner Ayanna Floyd, who joined the show in its second season, told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement that she was informed by creator Lena Waithe of Mitchell's alleged conduct issues. Actress Tiffany Boone, who portrayed Mitchell's on-screen girlfriend, filed a complaint about him after the first season had wrapped filming and ultimately left the series over it.

"When I took the helm in season two, it was Lena who informed me of the issues between Jason Mitchell and Tiffany Boone from season one, and that Tiffany was thinking of leaving the show because of it," Floyd said. At this point, she involved HR so that "everyone was well aware of Jason's behavior and his multiple HR cases, including Lena, the creator and an executive producer of the show, who is very involved at the studio and network level."

But despite HR's involvement, Floyd says the behaviors persisted. "As showrunner, I did everything I could to deal with his behavior, by speaking with the studio's HR department multiple times and instructing one actress to call HR herself, before I became a target of his rage and inappropriateness, and had to report him to HR, as well."

Waithe has been a long-time advocate of the Time's Up movement and ensuring women's safety and comfort on-set, telling THR in June of 2018, "[I]f you want to play that game and be disrespectful or misbehave on set with an actress or anyone, I'll happily call Showtime and say, 'This person has to go,' and you will get shot up and it'll be a wonderful finale."

A source close to Waithe told the outlet originally that she was unaware that the conduct had continued. When made aware of Floyd's contradictory statement, the source amended their statement to say Waithe had been advised by Floyd of the ongoing behavior issues, but that Floyd would take care of it. Floyd is not returning for Season 3, either.

Mitchell was fired from "Desperados" because of alleged misconduct that began almost the moment he arrived in Mexico, where it is being filmed. He purportedly made "highly inappropriate remarks to two actresses while lingering close to their quarters," according to THR. Mitchell was replaced by Lamorne Morris in the upcoming film, which also stars Anna Camp and Nasim Pedrad.

MTV has indicated that Mitchell's nomination will not be replaced for the June 17 airing awards show, leaving four women in the running: Emilia Clark ("Game of Thrones"), Elisabeth Moss ("The Handmaid's Tale"), Kiernan Shipka ("The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina") and Gina Rodriguez ("Jane the Virgin").

The creators of "The Chi" are currently figuring out how to move forward without Mitchell, who was effectively the star of the series. The second season wraps June 16.

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