Jana Kramer Responds to Cheating Husband's Threat to Leave If She Reciprocates
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"I think that's what hurts me -- knowing no matter the work we've done or not that you wouldn't stand by me," the country singer said.

Jana Kramer says she's "hurt" her husband Mike Caussin wouldn't stand by her if she was unfaithful, even though she stood by him after he cheated.

"I am still scratching my head about that, too, because it feels very one-sided to me, and it honestly kind of hurts my feelings that he wouldn't stand by me if I did that," Kramer, 35, told Us Weekly in the iHeart Radio Wango Tango Podcast Suite on Saturday.

She added, "And I think that's what hurts me -- knowing no matter the work we've done or not that you wouldn't stand by me."

The "One Tree Hill" alum has been open about the former NFL player's sex addiction in the past. However, on a recent episode of her "Whine Down" podcast, Caussin revealed infidelity would be his ultimate "deal breaker" in their marriage. Caussin clarified his statement on Saturday.

"I know deal breaker means deal breaker, if it happens, you're out," he told US. "That's why I tried to talk around it and say that no one knows how they're going to act until they're in that situation, and the same goes for me. And so, because of all the work we have done, it would just be crazy to think that that would even happen, but if it did, that means we missed a lot of steps along the way."

He added, "And I don't know -- that's just the one thing -- I don't know if there's anything else that would make me consider being a deal breaker."

Kramer, who shares two kids with Caussin -- Jolie, 3, and Jace, 6 months -- said she still can't fully grasp her husband's reasoning.

"That one still bothers me a little bit," she said. "One day we'll understand."

Kramer and Caussin, who have been married since 2015, briefly split in September 2016 after US Weekly reported the former pro athlete cheated on the actress with "multiple" women following their wedding in 2015. The couple later reconciled and renewed their vows in December 2017.

Although Caussin had a sex addiction relapse back in 2018, Kramer has stood by his side and they celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary last month.

"It was definitely reflective," Kramer said. "For us, I think every anniversary is going to be that way, where we will be able to look back and be like, 'Wow, look how far we've come.'" Because each year, we add on to our years being married shows the commitment, and the growth, and the perseverance that we've been able to have in this relationship. To get through everything we have, and to continue to fight for what we have."

The country singer also spoke about regretting Caussin getting a vasectomy.

"I have honestly regretted the vasectomy," Kramer told US at Wango Tango. "The fact that Jace started to sit up now, this is going to be the last crib in the house. He's going to be a year in six months. ... I know. To know that we won't have a baby ever again, that saddens me. We're still young. We could have more kids."

On the other hand, Caussin expressed he doesn't want any more children.

"When would it end? Because you could say the same thing on the third," he said. 'Well, they're already sitting up. Maybe we could have another one.' ... I don't want to raise kids until I'm 70. Come on, don't you want to have fun at the end of our life, and be able to travel, and do things together? I look forward to those moments."

He added, telling Kramer, "If we keep having kids, that ain't happening, sweetie."

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