'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

In Jenelle's final appearance, she also calls out MTV for not accurately portraying her real life.

"Teen Mom 2" aired the third and final episode of this season's reunion on Monday night and, once again, Jenelle Evans' drama stole the show ... even when she wasn't on stage.

After being grilled about controversial statements she made about host Nessa's boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick, and her relationship with David Eason in the first two parts of the reunion, Evans didn't have much to say herself this week.

But what she did say was critical of the show as a whole.

During a fan Q&A moment with Jenelle, her mother Barbara and costar Brianna DeJesus' sister Brittany, the women talked about the reality show not representing them 100% accurately.

"A lot of this season showed me not being with my kids and literally going on trips with my friends," said Jenelle, who MTV refused to film in North Carolina after her husband -- who was fired from the show for homophobic statements -- kept threatening to show up at shoots.

"It didn't show me changing diapers, getting them ready for school, it didn't show any of that," she added. "People don't get to see everything."

She was also asked if she regretted lighting Kailyn Lowry's "peace offering" on fire, as Lowry said the publicity from the incident led to a spike in sales of her haircare line. "Honestly, I have my own little projects going on. I don't just take my name and slap it on a product either," Jenelle responded, shading Lowry's line. "She said she sent it to all the girls and she didn't send it to Briana. She's kind of talking out her ass in that scene."

With that, Evans left the stage for the rest of the hour, as Barbara stayed out to share the screen with two of her daughter's baby daddies, Nathan Griffin and Andrew Lewis. Lewis, father to Jace, came out of the woodwork this season on the show, requesting to reestablish a relationship with his son. Nathan, meanwhile, has been jockeying for custody of Kaiser.

"I think I have a lot more one-on-one attention," said Griffith when asked why he believes he should have physical custody of their son. "Over there, there's four kids over there constantly. I think there's a lot of things I disagree with Kaiser deals with over there."

He added he said he would still want Jenelle to be "100% involved" in Kaiser's life, even if she's not doing the same for him right now.

"There are times I want to pick up the call and make sure Kaiser's doing okay. She has severed that tie," he alleged. "I can't communicate. I don't know if it's because of her, if it's because of David. I don't know. I have no communication with my son, only on the weekends."

Of David, he added, "I can't hold a civil conversation with that guy acting like a banshee. He is just a crazy animal." Note: After the dog-shooting incident and a custody hearing in May, Griffith currently has custody of his son.

Andrew then came out on stage to plead his case for visitation, with Nathan calling him out for not doing more.

"You can go through lawyers man," he told Lewis. "I'm not trying to throw you under the bus, but if has to do with my kids, I would fight hell and high water to even see them one day a month. If I have to take supervised visitation, as long as I have that one-on-one connection with my children..."

"Jace doesn't even know him," added Barbara. "You can't just show up one day and say, 'Hi, I'm your father' and not see him again for two years. You need to be consistent."

When Andrew claimed he didn't have Barbara's number, she said, "I've had the same phone number since Jace has been born. Jace has never got one card, one gift, one phone call, nothing. I just think that he thinks about Jace once and a while, he'll go on a whim and text and that's that. If this guy was upstanding citizen, somebody I could depend on, it'd be a different story."

Dr. Drew Pinksy then asked what he's been doing for the past eight years. According to Andrew, he moved to Los Angeles after his modeling career, enrolled in community college and transferred to University of Southern California. While in L.A, he said he "helped feed the homeless" and claimed he still does in New York "at Christmas time."

Dr. Drew pushed back though, asking where he helped out in Los Angeles. When he said hospitals -- "random ones" -- Pinksy said that couldn't be true, as it's a violation of HIPAA privacy laws. "On the streets," Lewis then explained, "I would walk and if somebody was there that was homeless, I would literally give them something to eat sir."

Lewis also said he currently gives Barbara $100 a week for child support and claimed he was drug and alcohol-free.

"I don't drink anymore. I don't mess with that. I had my fun when I was young," he claimed. "I wasn't deadly addicted. I'm 33 years old. You wanna give me a drug test right now, I'll pass it with flying colors."

That's when Nathan called out a "pattern" he saw with Jenelle's boyfriends. "Every person Jenelle has dated, this person has alcohol, David supposedly has alcohol, Kiefer was an addict," he alleged. "Shouldn't she be a concern too around these children?"

The talk ended with Barbara once again asking for more "consistency" from Andrew, saying bi-weekly checkins would be nice. "Do you know what grade he's in?" she asked him [he didn't]. "He's in fourth grade. Did you know Jace takes Latin in school and he's acing it. He's acing Latin in fourth grade. I'm so proud of him."

"I don't understand why they all can't just get along," said Barb. "All the baby daddies. All the families. Just get along."

Good luck with that. As we previously reported, MTV fired Jenelle following the dog incident and she will not appear on the show next season. Her replacement was officially announced tonight, with "Young and Pregnant" star Jade Cline taking her place.

With "Teen Mom 2" over for the season, "Teen Mom OG" kicks off next Monday on MTV.