'RHOBH' Recap: Brandi Glanville's Return Includes Lisa Vanderpump Digs and Mean Message from Kim Richards
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"She really, in her head, does nothing wrong," Brandi says of LVP.

Brandi Glanville returned to Tuesday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" to drink lots of wine and talk lots of you-know-what.

Ahhh, how we've missed her.

Brandi met up with friend and current Housewife Denise Richards, who filled her in on all of the Lisa Vanderpump/PuppyGate drama that's taken over Season 9. Given Brandi's history with Lisa, she had lots to say.

"She does have a direct hotline to Radar Online, to be honest," Brandi said when Denise brought up the accusation that Lisa leaked a story about Dorit Kemsley and her Vanderpump Dogs-adopted pup to the publication.

"I don't know her well enough to know if she leaked it or not!" Denise replied with an uncomfortable giggle.

"Well, she did for sure," Brandi maintained. "And of course she's gonna like you 'cause you're young and pretty and blonde. And she likes pretty things. She liked Dorit, she liked me. If you cross her in any way, which I did..."

When Denise asked Brandi if she crossed Lisa or simply stood up for herself, Brandi replied, "A little bit of both. No, I kinda crossed her. I said, 'You're not telling the truth in this situation.'"

The situation was that, in 2013, rumors were circulating that Mauricio Umansky had cheated on or was cheating on Kyle Richards. At the time, Brandi said Lisa had put tabloids highlighting the alleged affair into her suitcase to bring with her on the cast trip to Palm Springs in an attempt to embarrass Kyle without getting her hands dirty. Lisa vehemently denied the claim and severed ties with Brandi. (The time B slapped LVP in the face probably didn't help, either.)

"Literally, I've spent the past three years being punished for crossing her in a way," Brandi continued, prompting a confused Denise to ask, "Why would she do that to a friend, though?"

"Because she really, in her head, does nothing wrong," Brandi replied.

"Lisa Vanderpump and I were best friends for five years. Let's be clear," she later said during a confessional. "Whatever she wants out there, she gets out there."

The conversation soon turned to Denise's tense moment with Kim Richards over BunnyGate last episode. Denise defended her longtime friend, Lisa Rinna, after she decided to hurl the C-word at Kim. And as we all know, Brandi and Kim are BFFs.

"So Kim called me, and I was like, 'What are you talking about?! She's the sweetest person ever!'" Brandi said. "She's like, 'That bitch!' I'm like, 'Oh, my God.'"

"But why am I a bitch!?" Denise fired back. "I was trying to reassure her that Lisa Rinna didn't mean anything by it. Was it bad timing? Probably. Was it the right thing to say? Probably not."

Brandi replied, "Bad timing, bullshit thing to say..."

"And that's okay! We all f--k up," Denise interjected. "We all make mistakes. All I know is they should just move on from it. It's a f--king bunny."

Elsewhere, Lisa Rinna was busy dealing with her youngest daughter's battle with anorexia. Earlier this season, Amelia Hamlin opened up about her struggles with eating disorders and body image issues, telling her mom she was in a seemingly good and stable place. But Tuesday's episode showed Amelia refusing to eat at a family barbecue.

First, she said she wasn't hungry. Then, she said she was allergic to a lot of the food her dad had made. And when her parents insisted she eat something, she barked back, "Force-feeding me? Like, I ain't hungry!"

Harry Hamlin grew visibly agitated, which further agitated Amelia. After the meal, she even flipped him off after he asked everyone to clear their plates and walked away from the table.

"Amelia has issues with food," Rinna explained solemnly during a confessional. "You watch Amelia take two steps forward, one step back. It is not an easy, clean, 'Okay, great! You did that, you had that, you had the help.' It's not like that. It's just one day at a time."

"The scariest thing about anorexia is, is she gonna have this forever?" she continued. "I don't wanna see her suffer. I wanna fix it. You wanna make it go away. You wanna erase it. You just wanna take your child out of pain. You don't want your child to be in pain."

"You can't help but blame yourself," she added. "It's like, what did we do to f--k her up?"

While the other ladies were still seething about Camille Grammer saying one thing to Lisa Vanderpump's face, another behind her back and a third to the press, they were also trying to plan an extravagant trip to France. Unfortunately, though, the wildfires that burned Camille's house down began raging, leaving her nervous as hell she'd lose everything.

Next week's preview shows Dorit screaming and sobbing into the phone, "Oh, my God! I can't believe her house burned down!"

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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