Joe Jonas Steps Out to Support Sophie Turner at 'Dark Phoenix' Premiere

The "Game of Thrones" star shares with Conan O'Brien the rules to a bizarre and violent drinking games she and the cast would play.

Perhaps growing up on a show as violent and depraved as "Game of Thrones" could be has had an impact on its young stars. Sophie Turner clearly enjoys slapping the hell out of people ... and she's not the only one.

The "Dark Phoenix" star brought the basic rules of the game, as well as its requisite components, with her to an appearance on "Conan," where she roped the host into joining her for the fun, if you want to call it that. She clearly does.

"I really want to play this game with you," she told Conan O'Brien. And it couldn't be simpler, though some might question just how much fun it is. Also, Sophie calls this game Tequila Slaps but it should really be called Slap Shot!

"Two people stand opposite one another," Sophie explained. "One person takes a shot and the before they have time to swallow it, the other person slaps them around the face."

"It's more of a kink than a game," sidekick Andy Richter shot back, but he was just grateful that he got to enjoy his shot without fear of physical assault.

Conan, on the other hand, well there was nothing for it. Sophie had already brought both the shots and her hands, so all that was left was to get to the slapping.

Hesitant to drink, Conan asked how much time do I get. And then as he tilted the glass, Sophie replied, "Not much time," and let him have it. The sound picked up the sound of it quite nicely, as Conan reeled from the impact. To put it lightly, Sophie did not put it lightly.

And she can apparently take as good as she gets, though Conan did not haul off and hit her back. She confessed to having a purple hand mark on her face one time she appeared on his show from playing the game the night before.

"Are men slapping you in this game?" Andy asked.

"You can give them permission, yes," Sophie replied.

"Wow, that's quite a workplace," he determined.

Almost immediately after slapping Conan, though, Sophie was apologizing and giving him a hug, though she did get a slight case of the giggles as well.

She told him that she usually slaps much harder when its her and her friends playing the game. But he seemed to think she'd hit him plenty hard.

You can catch Sophie Tuner slapping all kinds of people around as the X-Men's Jean Grey in "Dark Pheonix," in theaters Friday.

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