John Cena Opens Up About What It Was Like Filming a Reality Show During Nikki Bella Breakup
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The WWE Superstar also shows his vulnerable side, revealing the movie that always makes him cry, his biggest fear and The Rock's most swoon-worthy traits.

It was always going to be challenging opening up his life and relationship to reality television, but John Cena could not have foreseen that he'd wind up going through a breakup in front of a national audience on "Total Bellas."

The WWE Superstar opened up about that experience during a visit to "Watch What Happens Live" Monday night, and he was very zen about the whole thing, even as he called into question just how real everything was that fans watched.

There has been a relentless onslaught of doubt about his breakup with Nikki Bella that unfolded on the show, with many thinking it was either faked for the cameras or was a publicity stunt for the WWE. Obviously, Cena wasn't going to reveal the truth of either of those theories, but he did add fuel to the fire, even if he didn't intend to.

And an interestingly timed cough by Andy Cohen during his answer may be coincidence or it may have been so much more than that. He asked Cena what the most difficult part of being a part of that show was.

"I think the toughest part is adjusting to the world watching you and being able to weigh in on decisions that are essentially lightly-scripted television and digest them as reality," Cena responded.

It was just after the "lightly-scripted television" comment that Cohen coughed audibly behind his card. Was this a genuine cough or perhaps a cue to Cena to stop right there in his answer before he reveals too much how the reality sausage is made. If it was, though, it's totally unnecessary. We're in a post-"The Hills" world and everyone knows it's not so much real as real-ish.

And speaking of real, Cena kept it very real when Cohen next asked him if he and Bella still talk. "That’s a wonderful question and thank you very much for asking," he said very cordially. "But my personal business will stay my personal business. And I appreciate that, thank you."

When Cohen, ever in search of hot goss, reminded Cena that he had agreed to do a reality show, Cena conceded this, adding, "but that time is done. And through trial and error we find out what we value and what we believe in and I really value being able to have moments that are mine."

But while he seemed to perhaps be expressing some regrets about opening up his life the way he did to be a part of that show, Cena did say that he doesn't think the show had anything to do with the breakup.

It's not a huge surprise to anyone who's followed Cena's career that he is a very thoughtful, compassionate and deep individual. Fellow guest Laura Linney was certainly impressed with his depth after Cohen subject him to a series of questions exploring his sensitive side.

He admitted to having cried after sex, and what comforts him when he's sad: "Be present and actually listen to what I’m saying."

Honestly, we're not sure why both Linney and Cohen laughed when Cena revealed the movie that makes him cry every time he sees it, but we get it. Especially coming from the heightened reality world of the WWE, we get it totally.

He also revealed his biggest fear -- which was one grounded in his decency as a human being -- and the most swoon-worthy traits of one Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Check out all these answers, and several more deep moments with John Cena, in the video below:

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